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SOTA Conference in the Open Forum 2014, Niagara, NY: “Under the Same Sky: East meets West.”(“3 1/2 Muhurata” of the Sidereal Zodiac as related to the Western Zodiac.)

ISAR Forecasting Symposium 2016, Costa Mesa, CA:  “Chiron: Finding Purpose” (Using Chiron Transits in Prediction.)

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A lifelong student of astrology, born in a lineage of Vedic astrologers, Priya Kale is a consulting (since 2006) Western astrologer living in NYC.

Aside from her own website, her Horoscopes and articles have appeared on various international websites and publications including: Yahoo! Australia, Moonology.com, Well Being (Australia,) Conde Nast Traveller magazine, Femina magaizine, (India), Format Magazine (Canada, and Astrodiaries 2016, 2017 for PaperPocket, among others.