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March 1, 2017

Taurus – March 2017

Your ruler Venus stations retrograde this month in your 12th House, firing your subconscious and your dreams. A conversation with a friend, or something you hear through the grapevine is giving you pause for thought. You can’t believe everything you hear, but there’s a lot more to a situation, someone, and you. Trust your intuition, be alert and aware, but avoid jumping to conclusions till you have solid proof. Whatever is triggering your emotions use […]
March 1, 2017

Aries – March 2017

You should be feeling pretty fired up as the month begins with Mars and Venus transiting your sign. The world is changing and you’re at the center of the action. You should be feeling pretty fired up as the month begins with Mars and Venus transiting your sign. The world is changing and you’re at the center of the action. You’ve always been a mover and shaker: with two Eclipses this month, this a chance […]
August 10, 2008

Scorpio Moon, Mercury trines Pluto, Sun opposite Chiron

Hello everybody, I’m back after a much needed day off after an absolutely fabulous night out. We saw The Police perform their last concert ever and they sang every great song I could think of but when they played Wrapped Around Your Finger I think I almost melted. And I’ve been trying hard to avoid gushing like a school girl, but Sting leaves me no choice. He started the show with a big bushy beard […]
August 11, 2008

Sagittarius Moon, Sun conjunct Elatus

Happy Monday everyone, welcome to a big week and new blog format! It’s been a long weekend for me catching up with old friends. Also, I’ve been busy trying to update the site so I appreciate your patience and as always welcome your suggestions as I make these changes. We are now past the Quarter Moon headed towards the Aquarius Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse at the end of the week. Change hangs heavy as […]
August 12, 2008

Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Venus in Virgo; Moon in Capricorn

Dear Friends and Readers, I am in the midst of “renovations” here at priyakale.com and welcome your suggestions at this time. Personal planets Mercury and Venus have now ingressed Virgo joining Saturn and Mars already in the sign. Tomorrow Venus conjuncts Saturn followed by Mercury’s conjunction later in the week. With Mercury and Venus approaching Saturn there is a feeling of coming up against a something impenetrable in important personal situations. But this is the […]
August 13, 2008

Venus conjuncts Saturn in Virgo

Venus is now in Virgo and conjuncts Saturn today at 12:02 PM in New York, 5:02 PM in the UK and in the early hours of tomorrow morning in Australia. Financially and emotionally this is signalling the end and the beginning of a new cycle. Venus is said to be ‘exalted’ in Pisces and in her ‘fall’ in Virgo. When a planet is exalted in a sign, it embodies and enhances the purest qualities of […]
August 14, 2008

Juno conjuncts Great Attractor, Mars squares Galactic Core, Pluto trines Eros, Sun opposes Neptune

Anyone who isn’t feeling the current of change sweeping through right now is in a serious haze. Then again the Sun opposes Neptune overnight tonight so its not entirely impossible to be feeling a little confused. But first there are a few aspects taking place during the day that require us to be alert in spite of this influence. Overnight last night Juno conjuncted the Great Attractor. This was hours after yesterdays Venus-Saturn conjunction which […]
August 15, 2008

Mercury conjunct Saturn in Virgo

Don’t forget to read your August Monthly Horoscopes for your sign and Rising Sign today! “We are all here to endure the beams of love.” — William Blake Hello everyone, Today Mercury conjuncts Saturn in Virgo. With Venus’ conjunction to Saturn we have now begun a new emotional and financial cycle. Now, as Mercury follows suit our heads and hearts can finally get on the same page. Commitments we are making now have the ability […]
August 15, 2008

Aquarius Lunar Eclipse Report

I have just uploaded the Aquarius Full Moon report to the site. If you are subscriber to the monthly service please log in and click this link to access the file now. Here is an excerpt — “As much as Aquarius is the sign of the collective it is also the sign that is shockingly individual and unique. Uranus the ruler of Aquarius is the planet that pushes boundaries and breaks rules. Its energy is […]
August 17, 2008

Moon in Pisces, Mercury trines Jupiter, Mercury and Venus square Juno

(Written late on Aug. 16, 2008 for Aug. 17 and 18, 2008) Hello world, The recently eclipsed Moon hangs overhead in the sky as I write this. It was a beautiful day in New York after heavy rains and a tornado watch on Friday. But the Leo Sun was out shining brighter today (its Saturday night as I write this) and I was in Brooklyn having brunch with my brother. It was an hour before […]
August 18, 2008


Dear Friends and Readers, The weekly audio forecasts have now been updated on the site. If you have a subscription to the service, you may login and access the files here. Or you can access them in the future by clicking the links on the left of the blog. Click here for a week’s free trial to the service, or you can make a one time purchase for all 12 signs for only $2.49. (The […]
August 19, 2008

Jupiter in Capricorn trines Vesta in Taurus, Mars enters Libra, Ceres enters Leo

“If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it.” — Anais Nin Tonight (its about 2AM as I write this) I’m not sure if I should sing or cry, I’m kind of doing both as I write this so I thought the quote was an appropriate one. The eclipse season was rather intense personally […]
August 20, 2008

Moon in Aries, Sun in Leo trines Pluto in Sagittarius

(Blog for Aug. 20 & 21) Dear Friends and Readers, Every time I have a session with a client something opens up and yesterday opened up a rainbow within me. Life is changing faster than we can perceive it and the more we can take an active part in directing these changes the more we are likely to end up with someone (I meant to type something, but perhaps it was a divine typo so […]
August 22, 2008

Moon in Taurus, Sun enters Virgo, Mercury-Venus conjunction in Virgo opposes Uranus in Pisces and trines Sedna in Taurus

Dear Friends and Readers, We stand under a rapidly changing sky at the moment. Today the Moon in Taurus makes an earthy trine to Jupiter and Saturn, followed by the Sun’s ingress into Virgo, joining Saturn, Venus, Mercury in the sign. Venus and Mercury remain in a tight conjunction, and will both go on to oppose Uranus in Pisces on Saturday. Also on this day both planets trine Sedna in Taurus. This is a lot […]