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Astrology & Tarot Consultations

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Please read this page to see the Psychic Guidance Code of Practice these readings adhere to.


Astrology Consultations

PLEASE NOTE: All appointments will be scheduled after receipt of payment.


– Payment can be made by PayPal at links below. If you prefer to pay by check, please email me for my mailing address.

–  $100 for each additional 30 min.

Consultations are generally done via phone or Skype. I am currently available for in-person Consultations in Mumbai.

– Please email me after your payment (or before, if you have any questions) at priya@cosmicdiaries.com with birth details and a Skype or phone number, and your available times and dates for the Consultation, and I will email you to schedule.

One Consultation – 60 min – $175.00

Two Astrology Consultations – 2 x 60 min – $300.00

(*Recommended for first time clients)

Four Astrology Consultations – 4 x 60 min – $500.00

30 Min Astrology Consultation – $101.00

Cosmic Diaries Member Discount

(This rate is reserved for members of the Cosmic Diaries Membership. You can sign up here for a free one week trial.)

One Astrology Consultation – 60 Min – $150.00

Two Astrology Consultation – 2 x 60 Min – $275.00

Tarot Consultations:

Tarot Consultation – 30 min – $75.00

Tarot Consultation – 1×60 min – $125.00


Insightful and useful, Priya’s involved and caring approach has helped me make sense of important past events, renew commitments to healing and honouring current relationships with self, life and others, and enthusiastically plan for future life-purpose projects. A+ — Nadine L., Penetanguishene, Canada


A session with Priya is like having an hour with a therapist, astrologer and life coach all in one. Not only is she insightful and warm, but she knows her stuff! – Jen in Connecticut, Psychotherapist


Priya’s insights are valuable – she speaks to you with clarity and sincerity – you feel like she’s there on your porch on a sunny day. – Fatima, Maryland


Good Morning Priya! Thanks so much for a wonderful reading the other day. It has echoed in me for a few days. It felt very intuitive and some things you said were really enlightening. Thank you so much! It was lovely to meet you and please know you are welcome where ever I may be in this world. Love Amber, Melbourne

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  1. ldaskalon 12 Dec 2009 at 1:13 am

    Priya is light and filled with love. She holds a beautiful balance of professionalism with the ability to personally engage her client with genuine care. She has a well of insight and knowledge about astrology and uses it in the right way; to guide her client in the highest direction. She explains the energy of planetary transits with deep intuition and understanding that connects dots. The information she offers gives a wider perspective that furthers personal growth. I highly recommend a consultation with Priya for anyone who lives consciously and wants to move forward with greater self-awareness in their lives.

    – Leemor, Philadelphia

  2. helenaon 14 Dec 2009 at 8:42 am

    Talking to Priya, who is someone I have never met, having a distance of 4.777miles between us and an astrology chart as the only link, felt to me as talking to a dear friend who knew me well for years…Priya’s genuine interest in helping me, her insightful comments and healing words really warmed up my heart. I was at a rather stiff and unhopefull emotianal state, seing no light ahead, but after two sessions with her, I feel a lot more confindent about my direction in life and my future seems to me brighter and more promising. Priya has a caring, positive and enlighted approach to her work and life itself and I recomment a session with her to anyone who needs to find a sensitive and sincere astrologer to consciously work with.

    Eleni, Greece

  3. Donnaon 07 Apr 2010 at 3:46 pm

    Priya, I wanted to thank you again for your time and intelligence, and above all your compassion and sound astrological advice during our session yesterday. You are truly skilled as well as gifted and someone I could talk to for hours with a good bottle of Merlot! Thank you for being there to help me navigate my journey – albeit hard, painful and confusing, I am truly grateful for the lessons I have learned and the beautiful people, including yourself of course, I have been met along the way – which, thank god far out number the “less than beautiful” people thrown into my path as well! I look forward to talking with you soon and wish you good health, fortune and above all things, love!

  4. Jesson 19 Apr 2011 at 4:07 pm

    Dear Priya

    I write this with my heart full and a lump in my throat. Even though we only spoke for the first time yesterday , you have been an invaluable teacher to me already and I thank you for lighting my path towards my destiny.
    I will use our next session in a couple of weeks to explain all but I have done the homework you set me. I am always a diligent student! And I understand so much more and I now know the lessons I was being taught from the past that you asked me to consider. I know what it is that I need to communicate, which is the manifestation of that hidden mysterious energy I have been suppressing. My experience correlates with your astrological and other observations in your blogs. I now know what you mean by re-defining relationships, about sexual energy being more than the narrow manifestation in today’s society and so many other things which I can’t eloquently express right now. But I have an awareness of finally re-aligning myself with my truth and not trying to force it to fit today’s limited structures. I always felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. It all makes sense now. I can no longer deny who I really am. And you asked me to ask myself that and the answers came tumbling out!

    So thank you, lovely, kind, wise Priya. I just needed to give you some feedback so that you know that your readings are much more than surface astrological comments and advice but underneath it all, I could sense greater energy shifts taking place.

    I guess once I have managed to achieve the first miracle of healing myself, the magic can truly begin! I can’t wait.


  5. chakrachickon 06 May 2011 at 11:24 am

    Hello Priya,

    Hope you’re having a lovely time in Goa. I have been wanting to write a testimonial for a while , but did not get around to doing it yet. So here goes…

    I have had a few personal astrology consultation sessions with Priya over Skype in the last 1-2 years.

    She is very intuitive and speaks and writes from the heart, not holding back anything, And I think it takes courage to speak or express your truth and I admire her for this and she insures us to do the same. Although I have never met her, I feel like I have known her for ages. She is genuinely interested in what you do, how you can improve things and to help you live your life the way you want to on your own terms. She has excellent insight both from an astrological and worldly point of view especially when it comes to relationships. I love reading her blogs as well.

    Since having the consultations with her, I feel I have become more self-aware, more true to myself rather than trying to please people, and been able to get rid of perceptions and beliefs passed over from our parents, society etc.

    I wish you good luck and SuperAbundance in everything!!

    Be well,


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