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Taurus 2016 12

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TAURUS – This year has tested you and you’re reaching the end of your limits, steeling yourself for the worst. But all your trials and tribulations have prepared you for what’s to come.

You’ve been through the abyss, back out and you’re about to come out on top with flying colors. You have huge life-choices to make, and it might seem like little is in your control. Keep an open mind and perspective on an evolving situation and have faith in your ability to deal with it as information arises. You’re not trapped, other than in your mind. Avoid giving away your power blindly to anyone or anything — especially superficial assumptions, beliefs, ideals about the world, relationships, success, failure — and avoid judging something or someone based on limited knowledge. Also, consciously let go of societal, cultural and parental conditioning — surrounding money and relationships. Your consciousness is evolving, as is your realisation of what you’re worth, and what you value above all else. You live, you learn, you grow. What are your long-term goals for your life? How have they have evolved? Where do you see yourself in five years? What do you value in your relationships? What do you need to feel emotionally and financially secure? What will matter at the end of your life? It is only the relationships born out of honesty and freedom that truly go the distance. Be honest with yourself and you can make wise choices, that support your goals. You’re reaching a breakthrough in a situation that’s given you sleepless nights, allowing you to regain balance and reach a cherished goal. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need, but let go of expectations. You can have the emotional and financial security you need, as well as sexual intimacy. And you’re worth at least twice as much as you think — but you have to value yourself first. Consciously release illusions, fantasies, friendships that drain you, any desire to be accepted and or fit in; then you won’t be disappointed. Be wise about the company you keep, know your boundaries and bottom line. Then you can re-negotiate agreements to offer you the freedom you need; and clear the path to attract and deepen relationships that are truly supportive of your life, goals, and dreams; that truly value you, and quench your desires, heart, and soul. Perhaps dreams do come true after all.