Mercury conjuncts Mars, Venus ingresses Scorpio, Mercury stations retrograde

Mercury now is stationary in the sky and makes a conjunction to Mars in Libra today. There may be a feeling now of communication being at an aggravating standstill almost. Also Venus leaves Libra and ingresses Scorpio late tonight in New York followed by Mercury’s retrograde station overnight.

It is on the days that Mercury actually changes direction when we see the most communication breakdown. But another operating factor is, this is when important information that needs to be paid attention seems to rise to the surface. Now with Mars in conjunction this is likely causing the frustration levels to rise as well. Watch your conversations today, Mars in Libra can have a bit of a ram in a china shop effect if we are not careful. We don’t need to shout to be heard nor does it hurt to listen to what someone is trying to say. Not only is it polite we may actually stumble upon crucial information.

Tonight, Venus ingresses Scorpio bringing out her more mysterious, seductive nature; compared to her breezy, flirtatiousness in one of her home signs Libra. Venus is also the ruler of Taurus where she represents the more physical forms of pleasure, sensuality, abundance and feminine receptivity. Now as she enters Scorpio the opposite sign of Taurus) we our likely going to be touring the deeper realms of the heart.

Love is about to get steamier, Venus in this sign can be a highly sexually charged influence. But Scorpio is also the sign of commerce and it will be interesting to see what this does to the world economic situation. It may mean things get just a little more difficult before they get easier. But this is sign of transformation and resurrection. Where we are willing to surrender and let go of trying to control a situation we may just be able to weave magic.

We just need to be willing to confront our darker emotions and let go of pain if we want love to shine in.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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