Pleasure and Pain: Venus in Pisces opposes Mars (retrograde) in Virgo

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“Save your sermons for someone that’s afraid to love. I’ll be right here, lying in the hands of God.”

— Dave Matthews, Lying in the Hands of God.

Dear Friends,

In case you haven’t felt the energy already, there is a lot going on in the sky right now — and in our lives. As above, so Below…

Venus is now in Pisces approaching an opposition to Mars (retrograde in Virgo) exact tomorrow. Anytime Mars and Venus make aspects relationships come into focus, as do financial situations. And currently there is likely to be a feeling of great passion and tension as the aspect builds.

But this aspect is also releasing a great amount of very creative and fertile energy. In awareness we can choose how we flow with it and direct the energy constructively.

In an opposition, we are reconciling opposite forces of energy, of the signs (and in this case the planets — Mars and Venus, representing masculine and feminine energy, yin and yang) to find the center point or meeting ground.

Opposites are nothing but two extremes of the same axis — the more we understand this the easier it will be to meet in the middle, find a balance, common ground and an eternal, singular truth, reality and “one-ness”.

Currently the Moon is in Taurus (Venus’ home sign, where she is exalted) where the changeable quality of the Moon and emotions are grounded and earthed. The Taurus Moon also sextiles Venus today, bringing a fertile easy exchange of energy. As the Moon moves through Taurus, remember how you feel today.

Given the approaching opposition of Mars-Venus occurs under a Gemini Moon, the Moon sextile Venus aspect today is helping us recognize what we truly value in love, rather than chasing fantasies or any illusions of what “love” means. Stay rooted in this understanding as the planets exact their aspect tomorrow, Get real with yourself about the illusions you need to let go of so you can embrace a deeper sweeter reality and find the balance you seek.

With Venus in Pisces opposing Mars in Virgo, and the Moon in Gemini at the time of the aspect — remember pleasure and pain are only two sides of a coin. Love, true love, like Venus in Pisces exemplifies, is unconditional. Love is not based in need, but rather in ever-flowing eternal presence and an unchangeable quality that flows from a full and overflowing heart. Romance is stuff made up by Hollywood, and the more we chase a dream, or an illusion the more likely we are to be disappointed or feel frustrated when reality fails to live up to our expectations.

Our feelings are real, but they by no means define the ultimate reality. We want pleasure, but no part of pain when in truth the two are inseparable. Only in allowing ourselves to feel both emotions, without suppressing or denying either can there be a balance in our energy allowing us to flow with ALL that life brings us.

In love, remember critical energy only destroys rather than heals. Sure there may bitter, cold, hard facts to face. But as much as we would like something in the external to change, it will begin with us being extremely honest with ourselves first and recognizing what it is within us that needs to change first. Then the change can ripple out into our world and bring healing that is needed, rather than us struggling to change someone or something else.

In financial situations as well, Mars retrograde in Virgo can make for ‘poverty consciousness’, bringing deep worry or a feeling of scarcity. But this aspect is a highly creative and fertile one, suggesting we look at what we can do: where we can perhaps cut back on things we don’t need and are a drain on our resources, energy and time. Venus is in Pisces suggesting the Universe is infinite and abundant. Out of nothing all of creation is born. Be creative with the resources you do have. Then we can consciously redirect our energy more productively towards not just making money but doing what we love, opening us to a greater flow of infinite abundance and grace.

Also the Gemini Moon forms a tight T-square with the Mars-Venus opposition at the time of Neptune’s ingress into Pisces on Feb. 3, 2012. This is bringing us to a turning point in important relationships and financial situations. In a T-square the planet at the apex, points to the point of resolution. In this case, the Moon Gemini suggests communication will be key. In recognizing the duality of this Universe we can have honest conversations about our needs and feelings, while keeping a sense of perspective on the bigger picture to find the resolution and understanding we seek.

Also we are moving towards the Leo Full Moon on Feb. 7, 2012 and Neptune changes signs ingressing Pisces on Feb. 3, 2012. Given the other aspects passions are running high and there is a feeling of being on the edge. But these are just the natural cycles of life. The energy will break soon enough moving us into a new phase with greater understanding of our selves and hearts.

Life is not black and white, but every shade of the rainbow and the infinite shades in between. Once we are are able to flow with all experiences of life, we can truly start reaching for our dreams and color our reality.




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Important Note on 2012 Annual Horoscopes:

Dear Friends,

I am happy to announce your 2012 Horoscopes are finally ready! I am currently typing up final loose ends as I upload them to the site. For those of you that have already purchased your horoscopes, I sent an update out to your email this morning. Please email me if you haven’t received it.

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