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Hello all,

It’s been quite the Eclipse and the energy is still very potent and fertile.

There has been an extreme emptying out and clearing of boundaries, especially when it comes to financial or relationship situations. Old walls are coming down and things aren’t the way they used to be. It may take a while for the dust to clear but we are standing in a new world.

Eclipses align us with destiny. Only this time, in the aftermath of the Eclipse it will take wisdom to re-investigate an idea that in the past may have been unsuccessful. Truth tends to surface around Mercury’s station, but we can trust what is happening now more than anything we fear.

Let go of past perceptions and be willing to see the opportunities that exist. As Mercury stations direct over the next three weeks, we will be going over old ground once again and something that may not have worked before could work now. We are re-negotiating boundaries, but first recognize that the old don’t exist. At least not in the way they used to.

Start by looking closely at your patterns of communication and thought processes. By Feb. 3 Mercury will conjunct the North Node, by then there will be more clarity and understanding of the direction we are headed. For now it’s sort of like having to make up the rules as you go along.

On January 18th, we are likely to feel a definite shift in energy as Venus, Jupiter and the Moon all change signs. Jupiter enters Pisces — a transit that last occurred in 1998. Look back on that time in your life to get a flavor of what you can expect over the next few months. This is likely to be a soulful shift, but definitely a lot of watery energy. As the sign suggests the ways this transit could manifest are infinite and hold divine potential.

Jupiter’s tendency does tend to exagerrate things, so it will be important to know when to stop, especially when it comes to drugs, alcohol or any tendency to escape. It is possible to have too much of a good thing. But as long as we are aware of the influence, there is no reason to fear drowning.

Jupiter’s influence is benevolent and in astrology it is the planet known as the “great benefic.” It brings opportunities, good fortune and wisdom. At best, this could be just the hope and healing needed, to renew faith in what may have once seemed like an impossible dream. As the year progresses, Jupiter and Uranus will travel in close conjunction. This could be pure magic if we can dare to go with the flow of our deepest and most profound inspiration.

On the same day, January 18th, Venus ingresses Aquarius. After being bound by the rules of Capricorn, Venus in this sign longs for freedom to express herself. We may find a lightness of energy in financial and relationship situations that have seemed to be a heavy weight, dragging through the mud. There can be greater freedom and healthy detachment within relationship situations.

Venus in Aquarius can be a highly creative time when your art receives its due audience. Aquarius for all its individuality, also represents the collective and secretly feels the need for acceptance. But to be able to express oneself freely, first comes self-acceptance. This is also the core of being able to love another.

Only with self-acceptance can the heart feel free to express itself, without fear of judgment — be it in art or love. Be honest, even if it is a bit risque. Above all dare to follow the truth in your heart. At the end of the day, you can only be yourself.

With Venus and Jupiter in a semisextile, there is something rather sweet emerging it feels. It may be a stretch of the imagination, but one that would be well worth it if we can stick with what we’ve recently started with the New Moon. All that maybe needed is a new way of looking at things. Seeing with the eyes of the heart, for that is where beauty lies hidden.

On another note, I have been thinking of changes I’d like to make to the site. With this New Moon Eclipse and time off the blog has given me a feeling of having a blank canvas again. I am thinking about ways that I can improve/change/reorganize the site and format of blog, starting with the Subscriber service. Please feel free to email me your comments, feedback and suggestions at this time.

Also — A Special Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the 2010 Annual Horoscope. I am grateful for your support, patience and the kind emails. With Mercury direct, I hope to get going full speed on this and will bring you updates here on this page so please check back in.

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And that’s all for now folks! I’ll check back in, in a few days as time permits. Currently in Aquarius, the Moon changes signs to Pisces also on January 18th quenching recent feelings of emotional drought. But as with rain, so with grace unless we are open to receive, it simply washes away…

— Priya Kale, NYC

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