A changing sky…

Dear Friends and Readers,

It’s Monday night in New York, the Moon is in Taurus and three of the major planets have recently changed signs; Venus is now in Pisces and Mercury and Jupiter are now in Aquarius.

Mercury is slowing down now in the sky and will station retrograde at the time of the Full Moon in Cancer so expect a few surprise revelations. The Full Moon will be making harmonius aspects to the Saturn Uranus opposition, suggesting this is a rather friendly lunation and if we are willing to take a few risks we could be pleasantly surprised with what unfolds.

Today Neptune in Aquarius sextiles Eros in Sagittarius. Eros is an asteroid that represents a “joie de vivre,” the energy that can be likened to the pure life force itself. In Sagittarius,it’s almost as if there is a greater spiritual fire being fueled by the idealistic dreams of a collective (as represented by Neptune in Aquarius.) This can be a highly creative and imaginative aspect and within our personal relationships it is possible now to connect now on a soul truth, igniting flames of divine passion.

Also Venus is now in Pisces, the sign where she is in her exalted state bringing out her most divine, ethereal, creative qualities. We could experience moments of deep, soulful, transcendental love if we are willing to open up and be receptive. Music and art we create now has the ability to heal our souls if we can surrender to the process, allowing the muse to flow through.

Meanwhile, I’m here working through the 2009 horoscopes slowly but surely. I am trying to get at least the first installment out before the Full Moon, but unless I can get them done well in time I will wait until after the Mercury storm. I’ve updated the pre-order page with details on release and will post updates here as and when I have them.

There are few major aspects taking place in the sky over the next few days. I’ll check in again perhaps tomorrow or the day after and should be back to a more regular schedule once I’m through with the horoscope project.

Hope all is well where you are,


Priya, NYC

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