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“Listen to the mustn’ts, child. Listen to the don’ts. Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me… Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.” ― Shel Silverstein


Note: I wrote this 98% of this article under the Venus-Saturn-NN conjunction as it exacted on Sept. 18, 2013

I remember being 12 years old, standing in my room by the window, saying to my friend: “In any relationship, you have to keep your love up here [hand elevated] always, where the daily grind, squabbles, frustrations and life can’t touch it.” Today, those words come back to me, as I reflect on the sky and current aspects.

We’re under magical skies right now, with a Full Moon in Pisces — the sign of magic. And this Full Moon was also conjunct another rather mysterious, newly discovered minor planet Salacia — named after the wife of Neptune, ruler of Pisces.

All that is, is Pisces. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac: where all that is, dissolves into itself. It is the great void of creation and primordial ocean of cosmic consciousness. As the Full Moon culminates, and spills over, there is a sense of welling emotions, being drawn beyond boundaries into mysterious unknown waters.

A simultaneous feeling of deep yearning and longing, while pulling or shying away from one’s feelings, perhaps fearing being engulfed in their depths. Or being attracted to something or someone but being unsure of if you want the fantasy to be a reality.

Eric (Francis) covered this Full Moon conjunction and aspect in depth in this week’s Planet Waves FM podcast. As he notes, Salacia is a new discovery, its astrological delineation is something that we will have to wait, see and research, as she reveals herself. But given her conjunction to the lunation, there could be no better time for that than now.

Salacia’s myth, centers around her love story with her husband Neptune, and her elusiveness. Think about that for a second — Neptune (ruler of Pisces) is the master of illusions, but she managed to elude even him (albeit not for long.)

Wikipedia notes: “Aulus Gellius, in 13.23 of his Attic Nights,[13] notes that Roman priests would invoke specific attributes of various gods, “maia Volcani, Salacia Neptuni, hora Quirini, nerio Martis.” Forsythe notes that Salacia Neptuni means “effervescence of Neptune”.[14]

‘Salacia Neptuni’, to me, resonates with what we call ‘Shiva-Shakti’, yin and yang, a spiritual union of the inner male and female divine, God and Maya (“the skin of God”) — the twin fish of Pisces.

Speaking of marriage, at the time of my writing this (4:29 PM EDT) Venus is moving to an exact conjunction to Saturn at 4:54 PM EDT, after a conjunction to the North Node in Scorpio earlier today — an aspect that speaks of “marriage.”Personal and business relationships are moving over a threshold, evolving on a deep karmic level; especially any relationships where you share energy, resources, money, sex, bloodlines.

There’s an air of seduction, shadowy encounters and a flood of desire, asking for a deep surrender. Scorpio also asks for letting go of attachment, only then can something deepen and evolve. Desires themselves are not the issue, it’s the attachment to their fulfillment that leads to suffering and trapped in the karmic cycle.

Astrologer, Melanie Reinhart, says in her (as always) deeply insightful article on this triple conjunction here: “To me, the symbol of Venus is a hand-mirror inviting us to truly see the ‘face’ of our own soul, as a reflection of the preciousness of existence.”

Relationships (love, Venus) are indeed, at best, a mirror so we look at ourselves — and evolve on our personal journey of evolution. And until we’re able to love ourself, we can’t truly love another or relate with another in a balanced way.

Saturn represents one’s Karma and what binds us to our earthly existence, mortality and physical limitations. The North Node speaks of destiny, what we’re evolving towards, the way “out” of this karmic wheel and cycle of life, death and re-birth.

Also Pluto, ruler of Scorpio — stations direct the day after the Full Moon. Pluto is also in a mutual reception and sextile to Saturn — the rules of the game are changing, and so is life.

With Saturn on the North Node, deep rooted change (look at where you have Scorpio and Capricorn in your chart) is a necessity, not an option. Something has to be done, but there is also a sense of restriction. Like something is blocking the doorway but the sextile is offering the potential to restructuring and reshaping your life, so it supports you.

Even if you don’t see a way out, or the door seems locked — try sliding it. The sextile feels like a secret hidden sliding door — leading to an exit or secret cave that holds deep treasures — but you have to look for it.

Death seems to be a prevalent theme in the times we live in. There was another mass shooting recently and we’ve just about averted another war and this was all just in this past week. And the world keeps spinning on. It’s easy in the face of such massive, constant, incessant, shocking, death and destruction to feel defeated and powerless to affect any tangible change.

Whether or not one is able to single handedly change the world, what’s unfolding now, offers the potential for deep and profound mastery, transformation at a core, root level. Saturn asks that you humble yourself, to master yourself. Then you can be the conscious creator of your destiny, rather than feel dragged and pushed around by the heavy hand of fate.

Saturn is a teacher; it humbles you, before it elevates you. Stay rooted in love and mutual respect, you can deepen and elevate relationships that could change your life. What is real can never die. The body may die, but love survives.

There is a need to take responsibility for the life one has already created. Acknowledge what isn’t working and what needs to be left behind. Then you can wipe the slate clean to create the life of your dreams, that also gives back to the world and serves a greater purpose than your own.

This is your legacy, the immortal part of you that will live on through your life’s work, long after your body is in the dust. And that “life’s work” need not be anything more or less than letting ALL your actions be rooted in in love and an outpouring of your heart. Mars is in Leo — it’s about what moves you with passion, to action.

Saturn has a 28-30 year orbit, and we may be entering cycles potentially that long. Be imaginative, creative, accept your limitations but recognize your strengths and all that you are grateful for.

It will take time, money, energy, love, dedication, devotion and hard work to manifest something. But what matters is your commitment to your souls work, then you can trust you will be aided in your mission.

The Sun is in Virgo, the sign that rules service, it is the sign that comes after Leo which represents the ego. When one is able to go beyond the ego, one can begin to live their ‘dharma.’ Resolving karma as it arises without further entangling oneself in the web of Maya — perpetuating and creating new karma — leading to, with any grace, realization of one’s divinity while still in the flesh.

Take a moment to dream at this Pisces Full Moon and over the next two weeks as you move to the New Moon in Libra — the sign of creation (leading to the Aries Lunar Eclipse on Oct. 19, 2013.)

Venus is also the Goddess of creation, Saturn represents manifestation and the North Node — destiny. Consciously or unconsciously you are creating your destiny at any given time. And it couldn’t be more true now. What are your dreams and goals for your life? What if you did everything with no expectations, with love and compassion being your only motivation? What would life be like then?

All that is material is transient. Let your dreams be rooted in your heart and soul. Then your life can be like a rose, whose fragrance lingers long after it’s gone.

Happy Salacia Moon!

With Love and Passion,



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