A note of Thanks…

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in the US. Hope yours has been a good one. I was grateful to be able to spend the day with two people I am grateful for – Niles [without whose incessant necessary pressure this site would not even be here] and my brother Apoorva, without whom my life would never be the same.

In the same spirit I would like to thank all of you here for being along on this journey. Especially to the subscribers of this site and the occasional generous contributions that help to keep this blog and site running.

Thank you to Eric Francis [Planet Waves] for being a friend, teacher, guide and mentor on this journey. To Anatoly Rhyzenko for helping me with technical emergencies when I’m in over my head.

Thanks to Rosanna White, Beth Bogle in Minneapolis, Liz Glanville in Italy, Victoria Kray in California, Jude Baker in Chicago, Nadine Lalonde in Canada, Joy Owens, Bobby in Maui, Jean Smullen in Ireland who have supported me, my work and this site in their own special ways. And for those who I have not named [and there are many I know who have been my email kindred spirits I am grateful for you.

To my friends and family who believe in me and accept me wholly, I am rich because of you.

I know the holidays are not an easy time for many. Especially for those who are missing their families no longer on this earthly plane. But it just makes me realize how important it is to love and cherish the people we care for, right here in the flesh. Not just give thanks, but show our gratitude with our being.

Life is too short.

It’s Saturday morning 11 AM EST now – I will be back in a few hours with the astrology for the rest of the weekend and Horoscopes. So please check back in.

With love and gratitude,



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