An open letter from an Indian, New Yorker and citizen of the world.

Dear fellow human being,

My name is Priya Kale and I am a Mumbaikar and an Indian, living in New York for the past ten years. I am also an astrologer and writer whose family extends to each and every one of my at least six thousand readers who read this page, from over 30 countries, from Norway to Switzerland to Italy to New Zealand to Belgium to South Africa to China. I appreciate your time and ears.

I’ve been watching the live feeds non-stop and I cannot describe the emotions I have felt watching my beloved city, my home being attacked. But I am tired of feeling helpless, when I have my voice and hence this letter. I am a human being and a citizen of the world and I take the liberty to speak to you today as the voice of an Indian. Not because it means any more than terror anywhere else in the world. But because being born and having lived more than two-thirds of my life in Mumbai, has left a deep indelible sacred fingerprint on my soul and I know I can only speak of my experience. My parents, family and friends still live there. But make no mistake about it you could replace every reference to India or Mumbai with ‘your’ country and city; the same disaster could ensue if the world and we human beings do not take united action now.

As one person being interviewed on the streets of Mumbai said today – the fire isn’t raging at the Taj, its raging in here [the heart of every Mumbaikar.] How would you feel if you saw iconic symbol of your city destroyed? what if it also housed your favorite book store where you bought your first astrology book [and many since] at the age of five, go up in flames? If you can imagine that then you can feel a little bit like I do today. I know every Taurus is reeling with the thought. I may speak as an Indian today but we all know we fight a common enemy. It’s just time to redefine who that is.

I am outraged, disgusted, sad and in poignant pain mixed with awe over what has happened. I say awe because I know God works in mysterious ways. The darkest hour is always before dawn and It had to be so, for change to happen; this was Pluto’s last gasp in Sagittarius to make sure we got the message. It is clear that the people of Mumbai feel the same. It’s one thing to be an astrologer and predict and see and know “intellectually” what can happen. But to watch it emerge and unfold as a stark reality is quite something else. I can now also “see” in a very real way that the time for change is now. This is Pluto in Capricorn alright, and if anyone wants to know what that means for all of us, please take a look at what is going on India. We are about to learn just how deep and twisted this rabbit hole of “terror” goes.

There is ONE voice that’s rising strong and clear [New Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Mercury and Mars] In every interview I have seen with citizens, survivors, celebrities, in the past 3 days In fact they are the very words I used in my report the other day — “Enough is ENOUGH.” Yes there is exasperation and rage about the terrorists, but the people are smart enough to realize this is a not only faceless, inhuman enemy but the failure of their own government that has led to this dark day. I know I risk alienating and offending some by my ‘political incorrectness,’ but quite frankly “politics” is “incorrect” by nature. I speak of the evil called “politics” not the poor people (you and me) who are caught up in the vile agenda of power hungry monsters. This is my truth, my voice and I stand by it.

The Pakistani ISI has been long known to have training camps for Islamic terrorist groups like the Lashkar e Taiba. And I say this knowing full well that I have dear friends and readers from Pakistan. But how can I point fingers at another government when my members of my own country’s government don’t give a damn; revealing a complete lack of awareness of the gravity of the situation. “Mumbai is a big city and incidents like this happen” said R.R. Patil the Deputy Chief Minister. It is shocking and offensive: the level of insolence and total disrespect for all the lives lost and the brave men of the army, NSG, commandos all those who gave their lives bravely. The government may or may not have been able to prevent the attacks; as we are fighting a very slippery enemy. It is their reaction to the whole scenario that has been nothing short of disappointing. As more than one person from ordinary people to prominent figures of Mumbai’s society, said in no unequivocal terms “If the politicians dared come to Mumbai they would be in for some very unpleasant surprises,” to put it mildly.

Indians are not stupid. We know our politicians are corrupt. But this is true of politicians anywhere in the world, the ‘first world’ only does it in a more ‘civilized’ sterilized way. President Bush’s speech although showing support, I’m sorry to say was just trite. Considering the mess his government has created to further their own political agenda leaves him with no credibility in my book. Mumbai (and India) has had a series of terror attacks, since 1993 with casualties much greater than the numbers today. But now, because it’s a global thing, westerners and Americans lost their lives you pay attention? Please, spare me the rhetoric. And while I’m being honest, let me say I am equally to blame for often “tuning out” of politics, even if it is to save my sanity — it is no excuse any more. I was 16 living in Mumbai in 1993 during the bomb blasts, I was 24 living in New York when 9/11 and today I am 31 far away from home watching my city burn yet again. When does this stop? and where? Will it only be real when it happens to you or me or someone we love?

This is not about Hindus and Muslim’s either, which is exactly what the terrorists want to happen. If India and Pakistan are at war, they get to continue their operations with lesser disturbance and attention of both the military forces. And only the “people” will suffer yet again. Just like the political agenda that began this poison 60 years ago when the British divided the country using their “divide and rule” policy. The partition of India and Pakistan was one of the most devastating human migration in history in the toll it took on human lives. It’s not about countries. Pluto in Capricorn suggests we also need to redefine our understanding of boundaries. We are free human beings; we cannot allow ourselves not defined by the actions of a government we don’t believe in. Politics is dirty business; anyone who doesn’t know this already is in for a rude awakening.

This is not a religious war, and most people have been awake to this truth for a long time. Now the time has come to speak it and live it. This is not about Hindus and Muslims in either country. India is home to the largest population of Muslims in any country in the world. I was born a Hindu, thought I was Catholic, until I learned I was just a child of God and I have dear friends who are Muslim. This is not about religion, this is about the politics that create desperation within a human being that drives them to cause this level of senseless death and destruction; and the terrorists haven’t achieved anything — not for themselves or their true needs, which aren’t being met anyway.

India is made of the heart and soul of its people. There is a often a seemingly lackadaisical attitude to life, or tendency towards complacency that perhaps stems from an ultimate resignation to fate or a feeling of “we are like this only.” Or that there is too much red tape to want to get involved. The poor are powerless and don’t have a voice in society and the affluent and educated don’t want to deal with the mess. But we are also fiercely emotional and sentimental people, and with a great deal of pride and integrity. You can see this in the Cancer Moon and Leo Sun of India’s independence chart. The chart of the attacks dramatically and poignantly pierces India’s Cancer Moon. The terrorists wanted to pierce our very hearts and souls; and they did, but instead of killing the peoples spirit it has only set free their determination. The terrorists failed miserably, as they are about to find out.

Nothing riles up Indians than emotions and this has woken up India’s inherent spiritual consciousness. I think the world is about to see true patriotism — that explodes from the HEART of this lion hearted nation. Not through the voice of some politician telling us “there are evil people out there,” instilling fear and gaining power. Yes there is exasperation and rage about the terrorists, but we Indian’s are smart enough to realize this is not just a fight against a faceless, coward enemy, but it is the failure of their own government that has led them to this dark day. Our harbors are not protected and that is where we carry the greatest threat. We don’t want rhetoric; we want answers, action and accountability.

People are not going to stand for this. Pluto is Capricorn and this corruption in government is going down. Uranus is direct, Neptune and Chiron are direct in Aquarius and a revolution has begun. You can be sure, as history has proved time and again, there is nothing more un-defeatable than the heart, soul and resolve of a billion Indians who know how to instantly dissolve into One voice and One spirit when their beloved sacred freedom and spirit of their oneness is threatened. This is the country of the Quit India Movement, Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose, Lokmanya Tilak and countless other freedom fighters and revolutionaries; (extra)ordinary people who stepped up to the call of truth. “Truth alone triumphs.”

We need to watch the Full Moon on Dec. 12, 2008; there is something coming up. We may find out the truth behind this scenario as this is a time of revelation. But we also need to be extremely vigilant. The threat is not yet over and India needs to be watchful. The month of December is an intense one. On January 26th India celebrates Republic Day. This is also the day of the Aquarius New Moon eclipse that makes many important connections to India’s astrological chart. A revolution of some sort seems imminent. This is also around the time President Obama takes oath. As a best case scenario the Indian government will rise to the occasion and present a united front on this global war on terror, and the international community responds with a greater collaboration. If Pakistan’s government against this war on terror, they need to get together with India and the US share intelligence and get these guys out of their country once and for all. The last thing we need is a war between India and Pakistan, so the terrorists get free reign.

Just as much as there is corruption in government, there is a real chance for truth and justice to take a stand. There is plenty of hope for a revolution that allows us to do things very differently than we have done until now. We can see this change in America. Barack Obama is now President Elect because people wanted their voice heard and here is someone who seems to stand for a change; for humanity not just the US. We are in a new era and need new rules in politics. Mr. Singhvi was the only one person who stood up to take any responsibility and seemed to have some sense of the brevity of the situation. With Neptune in Aquarius the media has a huge role to play in this, as does the internet. Luckily the media in India seems to be doing a good job of being the voice for the people. Unlike the filtered news we tend to get here stateside.

We need to remember as individuals living in the democratic world, these are not leaders they are “public servants.” We can’t start overthrowing governments but we can keep a strict watch on them as citizens of a free world, who give a damn. We can also choose who we give power too. A democratic government is said to be: of the people, by the people, for the people. India is the largest democracy in the world and home to 1.2 billion people living all over the world. It is possible for a resounding voice to be heard if we speak together now. With Pluto changing signs and the Moon in extreme waning Scorpio at the time of the attacks it is likely this issue is going to stay focused within this region for a while.

Indians make some of the top leading professionals in countries all over the world. Doctors, scientists, engineers, actors, writers, filmmakers. Our numbers overseas are as large as they are within our geographical boundaries. Most of us educated Indian’s do not want to get involved with politics because it’s too dirty a game. And we’d be dealing with a whole lot of unnecessary bureaucracy that goes on in India (and every Indian knows what I’m talking about.) But unless WE the educated, intelligent, successful and yes even powerful Indians who live in India and especially those of us living overseas unite, things will never change. I never in a million years thought I would write a letter such as this. I have never had any interest in politics, this is a well known fact for those of you that know me. I say write to local newspapers and administrative offices of your city, your congressman. Are we being represented? We all know the poor and uneducated in India cannot be the ones to bear this burden and be expected to turn this around. Our country and the world needs us and our voice now; fortunately or unfortunately we’re going to have to do it.

But this is not just India’s fight but a fight for humanity itself. Death knows no colour, boundaries or religion and it will strike again unless each and every person alive on this planet with some sense of purpose takes a stand. Neptune is in Aquarius conjunct Chiron and the North Node. A deep awareness is birthing dissolving the illusion of boundaries that divide us, pulling us into the future. This is not just astrology, this is real life. Our strength is in our oneness. Our “enemies” aren’t only a bunch of deranged and misguided souls who chose to destroy life, but also those in people in power who protect or turn a blind eye to them. Over this coming period, it is the duty of each of us to protect and claim our freedom. I have faith that change is coming, but needs to happen from within. Faith that we can make a difference, not waiting around having faith that someone else will.

I may not have all the answers, but I intend to keep asking questions. Words are cheap. Action doesn’t mean war. Peace does not equal passive.

Yours truly,

Priya Kale, NYC, Nov. 29, 2008

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