You’ve been growing in self-worth, becoming aware of your many gifts, talents, and the value of what you bring to the table – financially and emotionally. As the Libra Full Moon aligns early in the month, an intimate relationship and/or financial situation is evolving. You may even be dealing with taxes. Honor your commitments, but let go of power struggles, superficial attachments to money, sex, or trying to control a situation. You have a lot to give, but know your limits, and don’t be afraid to cut back where necessary. The Aries Solar Eclipse marks a powerful new 18-month cycle of growth in security, self-esteem, and awareness of your true worth. Value and invest in yourself, your creativity, and what makes you happy. Learn to fill your own cup. Then trust, you can attract the relationships and resources that appreciate, love, and value you for you. As the Sun ingresses Taurus and Mercury stations retrograde, here’s hidden information coming to light causing you to question your beliefs. Be patient as you learn more information, double-check all communication, avoid assumptions, and be honest with yourself first. Then you can have honest, heartfelt conversations, re-negotiate arrangements, and reach a deeper understanding with partners. The truth is sweeter and closer to home than you think.

Events this month are setting in motion an 18-month phase of transformation. For a more personal in-depth look at your chart email me at priya@cosmicdiaries.com to schedule a Consultation. I look forward to working with you!

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