Aquarius Full Moon

Aquarius Full Moon, 2010

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An Excerpt ==

“At the time of this Aquarius Full Moon, there are due to be dramatic revelations pouring forth. Interestingly, the two rulers of Aquarius – Uranus and traditional ruler Saturn form an opposition to each other and a ‘mystic rectangle’ to the Aquarius Full Moon.

“A ‘mystic rectangle’ is an astrological formation in which two sets of opposition align harmoniously to form sextiles and trines between planets, opening up a flow of energy. This reduces the stressful aspect of the oppositions, opening up the potential for mystical, magical change.

“With the Sun in Leo, expect this to be a dramatic time as situations come to a head. Expect to feel passionate and fired up. There are questions arising surrounding love and friendship.

“Where do the lines merge? What are your boundaries? What is your model or relationships and where does it come from? Acknowledge your need for greater independence or closeness, and then give yourself permission to be yourself.” — Priya Kale, Excerpt from the Aquarius Full Moon report, July 25, 2010. Read Full Report.

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