Aquarius New Moon Dawning…


A quick check in as we enter the dark of the Moon. This New Moon takes place at 25+ Aquarius in a tight conjunction to Neptune and Chiron. It reaches exact lunation on Saturday, Feb. 13, 2010 at 9:51 PM EST and on Feb. 14, 2010 at 2:51 AM UT and 12:51 PM AEST.

Also only a day and a half later on Feb. 15, 2010 Venus sextiles Pluto and Mars sextiles Saturn.

Of course this is also Valentine’s weekend and truthfully, the stars are aligned to experience deeper trust and richer love if we open ourselves to it. The energy is due to flourish pretty quickly after the weekend.

The Balsamic phase we are currently in is a potent time for seeding a new cycle. Focus on deep emotional and spiritual cleansing and emptying. Nature abhors a vacuum and there are greater treasures and stability on the way if we can let go of a painful past so there can be space for something new to rush in.

Acknowledge wounds with no denial, in deep awareness. Chiron’s force is rapidly transformational and in conjunction to Neptune there can be a profound soul healing. But this can only come with an acknowledgment of the ways we feel wounded for being different from everyone else.

Aquarius represent freedom, friends and the collective consciousness. It also represents enlightenment and liberation, which comes from a freedom from ‘attachment’. ‘Attachment’ not necessarily in the sense of giving up material possessions or relationships, but rather recognizing that only the NOW — this moment is real. So if anything we can cherish these moments more deeply and not be attached to the past or the future.

We are free to love who we want to love, or be who we are. It is only when we accept our own reality deeply, can there come the realization that there is no other way to be. Then we can live, love and create without fear.

Aquarius is the sign also the sign that is deeply aware of it’s individual, unique purpose and it’s greatest message is self-acceptance. For only in self-acceptance is one “free” to “be.” If each person can focus on their own healing, we are strengthening the collective and all the lives we touch.

People with Moon-Chiron conjunctions in their charts can be powerful healers, but their sense of emotional wounding is also the greatest due to their deep sensitivity. As any healer knows, first comes the task of healing oneself.

Also today Thursday, Mercury trines Saturn in Libra — it will be easier to have an honest conversation today. Especially within relationships, this is likely to help negotiations so each person can speak their truth and have it be heard, building trust. Ultimately it is the fear of judgment or reaction from someone even if we love them that keeps us from being honest. With Mercury due to oppose Mars early Friday, There may be difficult truths to come to terms with, but try not to shoot the messenger.

Go deep into your own space to find your essence — in no denial. New Moon’s can be unnerving and this one is likely to be intense. But in releasing past wounds, there is bound to be healing and the discovery of a liberating truth.


Priya Kale, NYC


I’ll be back with the Weekly Horoscopes and the Aquarius New Moon report.

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