Aquarius Sun in its last degree, enters Pisces…

Dear Readers and Friends,

It’s been a whirlwind of week since the Leo Full Moon and now that we are past the last quarter of the Moon, we’ve seen the energy break over the past couple of days. We are now heading towards the Pisces New Moon on Feb. 24, 2009 and currently the sky is thundering the Aquarian energy. Mars, Jupiter and Juno are closely conjunct the North Node suggesting the connections we have with the people in our lives are indeed drawing us towards our greater collective destiny.

Juno astrologically can represent the one thing that we need to surrender the need of within our relationships to make them more fulfilling. But it is only the “need” we need to surrender — and this is different from resignation. More than resign to the fact that we will never have our needs met we need to seek to fulfill that within ourselves — instead of seeking another to fill a void. No man is an island and we all need to feel loved, but first we need to seek that love within ourselves so relationships can become about sharing “wholeness” and oneness rather than giving and taking. In Aquarius, I would suggest you not seek to define something rather seek its essence.

We are vibrating on a level that is much higher than just physical intimacy. The Sun now hangs in the last degree of Aquarius and enters Pisces tomorrow after having passed through the Neptune-Chiron conjunction in Leo. There is a deeper awareness rising of the understanding of our own energies and how they can cause a ripple effect around us. You know how quickly a “bad mood” can bring an entire room down — this is nothing but energy in action. But just as powerfully we can in the moment choose to respond differently to external chaos [Chiron] which is only a cover to go deeper within to find essential core center — also Chiron; in conjunction to Neptune this is like a psychic mirror dissolving the boundaries between the physical and the transcendental.

As the Sun enters Pisces tomorrow — we are entering the sign of cosmic consciousness. Things should begin to flow a lot more smoothly now if we are willing to “go” with it. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living — it matters that you are alive. What you do with this divine gift of your life, is your choice and free will…

I’ve been in India for about a week and it started off with a bang. Not only was I at my mom’s exhibition, trying to recover from jet lag, write, do consultations, answer emails, spend time with family, I also got to see one entire set of my friends – at least 15 of us who haven’t ALL been together in 15 years; a couple of whom I hadn’t seen in 10 years myself. When in New York, I am also known by all of my friends as the “hermit;” so coming ‘home’ is always a big time for me. But this time has just been different; balanced is the best I can describe it. I had a couple of moments there when I almost thought I would ‘lose’ it — my cool, but somehow I surprised myself with the effortless no-thingness that came out and then something beautiful happened today, ‘the taming of the Beast’ as I like to call it. So in a nutshell — all is well, on this side of the planet.

When I started this website a year ago, I didn’t know what to call it and I figured I’d get my name until something came to me. Well I’ve been dreaming of Cosmic Diaries for a while and named my blog that too. But I am happy to announce I recently went ahead and made the “commitment” and bought the domain name Soon I will either shift this website there or perhaps re-do the whole thing. Not quite sure what I want to “do” just yet – but I figure that will come to me too – as most things do.

On another note, as I have mentioned before — it was my Niles Comer who pushed me to get this website up. Niles is an old soul friend from many lifetimes who I connected with through these pages and my awareness has only grown since. I can truly say I am a better astrologer [and woman] today because of my interactions with him. He keeps me in ‘check,’ reminding me the ‘effect’ of my words and energy on the world around and teaches me to live my words every day. He can also be a damn tough critic and I expect no less from my friends. As he said to me today – “It takes a knife to sharpen a knife…”

I’ve been searching for words to “introduce” him but I have none — so I will let his soul speak for itself. For now let me just say I am happy, proud and humbled all at once to share this space with him. In the coming day’s ‘Cosmic Diaries’ will be a collaborative effort in conjunction with Painted Soul Ventures’ as Niles offers his commentary on the Daily Blog and what it means to try and live the astrology we find ourselves under in this moment…

— Priya Kale, Mumbai, Feb. 17, 2009


I wrote this blog late last night but call it Mercury retrograde or what you will, my internet predictably crashed at 4 AM and I was up till 6 trying to get myself connected again. So now I am writing this on borrowed time and electricity at a computer in my Dad’s office. The powers that be have assured me that I will be online again by tomorrow so I am hoping that is true. For now good vibes are welcome…Also I have not forgotten to post pics of the exhibition – I wrote an article today which should appear in one of the local magazines which I will publish along with the pictures as soon as I have my own connection back.


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