Aries New Moon: Forging the Self…

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Yesterday marked the Aries New Moon, kicking off a new astrological year, a year like few others that we will experience in our lifetimes.

Where in your life is something new birthing? Or does life feel like a wildfire out of control? What are the changes you want to initiate?

The energy of this New Moon to me feels like a stick of dynamite with a long fuse. Be patient if things seem to take longer than you would want. Trust that what you are starting now will really take off once both Mercury and Mars station direct in April.

Events unfolding are the warm-up to the real action coming up between June 24 and September 19, 2012 (when Uranus and Pluto make the first two of a series of seven squares between now and 2015) that will bring us to a global, political and extremely personal turning point. With Uranus, what’s coming is unpredictable, so it would be best to surrender your expectations or avoid making too many rigid plans for later in the year.

Significantly, this Aries New Moon occurred at 2+ Aries, at the mid-point of Mercury and Uranus. Last month’s Pisces New Moon, too, was at the mid-point of Neptune and Chiron. If the Pisces New Moon was helping us to focus a vision, then the Aries New Moon now asks that we initiate a plan of action in order to bring a dream to life.

Mid-points in astrology bring a fusion of energies. In this case, Mercury is retrograde, which certainly speaks of the past, and Uranus’ energy is decidedly futuristic.  The Sun and Moon, at their mid-point in Aries, is asking us unequivocally to “be” here now. We stand now in the space between the Self we used to be and the person we are becoming.

You can be whomever you want to be, but in truth you can only be yourself; only, this requires courage and a certain degree of fearlessness, which is never easy.

Aries, like a newborn baby, represents pure potential. As we go through life,  we are conditioned by family, friends, society and experiences. Over the years, the fear of rejection, disappointment, failure and/or looking like a fool take over, preventing us from chasing our passion fearlessly like children in a new world where anything was possible.

There are deep personal insights coming through now. Mercury’s retrograde through Aries has been a quest for one’s true identity — Who am I? In burning through past conditioning, false identification, perceptions, opinions, and conditioning, we can begin to recognize a deeper truth. Aspects suggest that we have the chance to blast through years of conditioning and patterning to re-birth, reclaim and liberate the authentic self.

At the time of the lunation, Mars (currently retrograde) was in mutual reception with retrograde Mercury in Aries. A plan that has been on the back burner for awhile perhaps holds more potential than we first imagined and with a little thoughtfulness and careful planning, we may be able to successfully revive, with a new approach, something for which we had great hope.

When it comes to relationships, there is the opportunity to reignite flames. But again, this will only come through deep honesty with oneself first about our desires and what holds us back from reaching for or acknowledging them. Aries implies trust, so trust is likely a key issue here. A situation may be asking you to step out of your comfort zone, so even if you can’t completely trust another, at least try to trust yourself.

If things feel too hot to handle right now, instead of panicking or living in fear of what might happen, trust your natural ability to do what needs to be done when the situation calls for it. Aries is the sign that “does” — a little like how we function on an adrenaline rush or in emergency situations. This is a call to action, and a little thoughtfulness and sensitivity can help us make great progress.

Rather than fight the external, look at what needs to be resolved internally — especially any guilt or wounding that needs to be released so that you can move forward. Mars is in opposition to Chiron in Pisces at the time of this lunation. Some of what is surfacing may be painful, but in acknowledging and processing any physical, emotional or psychic pain and not suppressing it, a wound can begin to heal. This is the power of regeneration and sheer life force in action and at work, opening us to deeper levels of awareness.

Also today, the day after the Aries New Moon marks Gudi Padwa — the Hindu New Year. This is the day that Lord Brahma (the Creator) is said to have created the Universe. When we look at the mythology, from an astrological point of view, this makes perfect sense. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, represents the fire of creation but before Aries comes Pisces, the sign of cosmic consciousness out of which everything was born.

New Moons are powerful moments for seeding energy, and this one in particular will set the stage for the coming year, so pay close attention to what you are initiating right now.  And rather than focusing on the past or the future, free yourself to be yourself.

Wishing you a Blessed New Moon and Happy Gudi Padwa…

Priya Kale


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