As you enter June a powerful Sagittarius Full Moon, brings important revelations bringing you to a crossroads. Do you know what you want? Why do you want it? Do you know what’s good for you? And are your words and actions in alignment? Where are you going? Who is going with you? Life isn’t black and white and there’s a need for perspective. For every door that closes, another is opening wide; drawing you to your destiny. Keep an open mind, and stay focused on the big picture and your most optimistic vision. Then you can make wise choices and negotiate arrangements that bring tangible benefits and deepen your sense of security. A professional situation is evolving profoundly. Dare to follow your heart, be spontaneous, brave and have more faith in yourself, and your abilities, and accept and love yourself. You have the power to (re) shape your life in alignment with a soul vision. Toward the end of the month, you’re reaching an inner breakthrough and turning point, liberating you to share more of your heart, art, and unique talents. As you will see, what you’re seeking is closer to home than you think. You are safe, loved, admired, and supported by family, loved ones, and people near, and far. Opportunity is knocking -welcome it in!

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