Beautiful beastly Full Moon…

It’s about 6PM here in NYC, my bags are packed and I’m ready to go… I leave for the airport as soon as I finish this blog and will be in India in about 20 hours from now.

We are now heading towards a beautiful Leo Full Moon exact tomorrow morning at about 9:45 AM which means it will grow ever more pregnant through the night. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse report is ready and available as part of the subscriber service or as a one time download at this link. Also starting next week — the Weekly Audio Service changes to a WRITTEN format.

So the subscriber service for $7.99 a month will include four weekly horoscopes, plus two bonus Moon reports at the time of the New and Full Moon. In the near future I will be updating the PayPal system to a new payment system that I have been dreaming of since a year ago when I first started this website and dared to dream my dream. For now you can subscribe at this link.

I will still be working, writing, doing consultations while in India as I mentioned earlier. Also I will soon be offering two new special personalized written reports, for your birth chart — Solar Return report (Leo Full Moon) and a Juno Report – which will focus on relationship aspects within your chart. Look for details on these in the coming weeks on this page. Also, in case I missed anyone’s email regarding a consultation I will be in touch by mid-week next week.

It was a year ago on Feb. 7, 2008 was the first eclipse in Aquarius, my 10th house; I traveled to India just like I am this time between eclipses and had the site up and running overnight by the time of the Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in Leo last year on Feb. 21, 2008. Now a year later — I can’t even believe it’s been so long, yet in some ways I feel like I’ve lived a delicious eternity in this past year.

I have to admit this is the part I dislike the most of my journey. Good byes depress me just for the sheer nature of the physical separation. Yet, with the Lunar Eclipse in Leo and the Sun and Chiron in Aquarius, I carry with me wherever I go the bittersweet longing of those I miss in the flesh, yet inseparable from from my heart, soul being.

Catch you soon from the other side of the world. I am posting my favorite poem which seems apt today (I know I’ve posted this one before, but I can’t help it — it’s too appropriate for this moment, NOW.) With that I wish you a happy Leo Full Moon, let the Sun-shine in…


Priya Kale, NYC


one night I prayed
for Beautiful Wisdom:

and I saw the full moon
kick the empty shadows until
they bled

— Niles U. Comer


Leo Full Moon excerpt —
“We are so afraid that if some one sees us for who we truly are we may be rejected, defeating the very purpose we decided or even dared to open ourself to another. And a life of bitter experiences can harden a shell rather than soften it, but bitterness comes from not having been able to forgive a wrong that was done to us. It is not easy to forgive someone who has hurt us badly, heart break can be very real even in its feeling of physical pain — where it feels like the universe has just collapsed into nothingness inside. But remember this pain was caused by the interaction of the conditioning of two human beings who have forgotten their inherent “oneness.” In forgiving another we are healed. In living by example we can seek to raise awareness and when confronted by someone who we admire we can seek to learn from them. ONly humility can lead the way.

“Perhaps the reason it is so hard for people to forgive another is because they haven’t fully forgiven themselves. The Sun-Chiron conjunction opposite the Moon says perhaps we need to take a  look at our own sense of wounding and work towards healing that first. We are so afraid of being judged, but ask yourself how much you judge others? Once you can accept yourself wholly you can begin to accept others. Until we’ve cleared our wounds how can we be pointing fingers at another. This can be a rapidly healing and transformational time. When truly there isn’t a separation between healing oneself and healing others, other than in our minds.”

— Priya Kale, Leo Lunar Eclipse, Feb. 9, 2008. Read full report here.

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