June 5, 2009

Sun in Gemini squares Saturn in Virgo heading towards Full Moon in Sagittarius, Venus enters Taurus

Hello from a rainy New York, We are now heading towards the Sagittarius Full Moon exact on Sunday June 7, 2009 at 1:11PM EST; 6:11PM UT and on Monday June 8, 2009 at 4:11 AM AEST. This is a potent lunation with the Sun squaring Saturn today making a T-square to the Saturn-Uranus opposition as the Full Moon sweeps in to complete the Grand Cross in the mutable signs. We can expect a shift and […]
June 3, 2009

Moon enters Scorpio; Mars squares North Node and trines Pluto in Scorpio; Sun opposite Great Attractor

Mercury is direct again and we are reaching a deeper and definitely more realistic understanding at the events unfolding. We are slowly moving into new territory, on Tuesday Venus sextiled the triple conjunction in Aquarius. This may have felt like a warm gale sweeping through those wounds and dreams igniting and healing them as she [Venus] blazed through. Around midnight [last night] in NYC and early Wednesday mornings she also made a trine to the […]
June 1, 2009

Venus in Aries sextiles Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius

Welcome to June everyone! We are standing in a whole new world from May. Mercury has stationed direct in Taurus, Mars has moved into Taurus and Venus will join this week. The planets in Aquarius made their first exact conjunction to each other and now Chiron and Neptune have stationed retrograde (with Jupiter soon to follow) suggesting a need for inner healing, reflection and awareness. Mars in Taurus can be an unstoppable force, pushing through […]
May 30, 2009

Weekly Horoscopes

Special Offers and Birthday Report Weekly Horoscopes and Gemini New Moon report == Weekly Horoscopes have been updated to the site this week… Here is the sample horoscope for the Gemini this week. Enjoy your weekend, With Love, Priya == GEMINI You’ve been dealing with deep personal doubts, a feeling of groping in the dark and perhaps fear that you are going to be stuck in a situation longer than you like. But you are […]
May 26, 2009

Mars sextiles Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius; Jupiter conjuncts Neptune

Special Offers and Birthday Report Weekly Horoscopes and Gemini New Moon report — Dear Friends and Readers, We are now under the influence of powerful energy reshaping our collective world. On Wednesday, Jupiter and Neptune exact their conjunction after Jupiter’s conjunction to Chiron over the weekend at the time of the Gemini New Moon. Jupiter and Neptune are both outer planets and representing the great benefic forces of the cosmos. Their conjunction is like a […]
May 25, 2009

Venus in Aries squares Varuna in Cancer

Special Offers and Birthday Report Weekly Horoscopes and Gemini New Moon report == Welcome to a new week – and a big one at that. We are still deep in the womb of the Gemini New Moon at the beginning of the week when the Jupiter-Chiron and Neptune conjunction culminates. This has been the highlight of the astrological aspects coloring our climate this year. Sagittarius is the sign the represents God and spirituality — it’s […]
May 24, 2009

Special Offers and Solar Return Report

Mercury Retrograde Special Offer* – 20% off Consultations for returning clients *Valid for bookings till Mercury is retrograde, May 30, 2009. == Triple Conjunction Reading – $100 50-60 min phone reading, focusing on the Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron conjunction in your chart and where you can make magic happen in your life. == Birthday report** – $150.00 Personalized written report of about 1000 words, detailing your year ahead based on aspects at the time of your […]
May 23, 2009

Gemini New Moon and report…

Hello and welcome to the Gemini New Moon, which takes place tomorrow on May 24, 2009 at 7:10 AM in New York, 2:10 PM in the UK and just after mid-night at 12:10 AM in Australia on May 25, 2009. I’ve just written a New Moon report of about 1500 words that surveys in-depth the infinite moment of potential we stand under. You can download the full report as part of the subscription service for […]
May 22, 2009

Weekend Astrology: Jupiter conjuncts Chiron, New Moon in Gemini

Hello there, Over the past couple of days Mercury squared the triple conjunction in Aquarius [read post below this one.] This likely brought painful memories to the surface revealing wounds that ran deeper than we thought. Saturday, Jupiter exacts it’s conjunction to Chiron, right before the New Moon in Gemini on Sunday. Expect a big weekend with a lot of release and space for clearing and healing if we can allow it. Jupiter and Neptune […]
May 19, 2009

Last day of Sun in Taurus, retrograde Mercury squares triple conjunction in Aquarius

Hello from NYC! It’s 10 AM on a Tuesday as I write this; the Moon is in Pisces in a tight conjunction to Uranus helping us break through surface emotions to discover a new depth within. This can offer a renewal of spirit and, if we can surrender to hope instead of fear. As the Moon ingresses Aries later this evening at 6:30 PM, expect things to get more passionate and heated over the next […]
May 18, 2009

Sun conjuncts retrograde Mercury in Taurus, Moon in Pisces…

Welcome to the week, the Moon is now in Pisces. I don’t know about you, but that was one ….. [insert word of choice] of a weekend. The Sun squared the triple conjunction in Aquarius over the weekend bringing painful, raging wounds to the surface and hopefully you coasted this energy better than I did. Personally, at times like these I know all I can do is not judge myself, be gentle and offer myself […]
May 15, 2009

Weekly Horoscopes

Quick Hello, The Weekly Horoscopes have been updated early to the site this week… Here is the sample horoscope for this week in honor of Taurus birthdays for the week beginning May 16, 2009. Enjoy your weekend, I hope to enjoy mine… With love, Priya == TAURUS Your ruler Venus has taken you through the depths of your soul in a way that you haven’t dared venture in a while. Although you aren’t completely out […]