September 13, 2009

Venus in Leo opposes Chiron in Aquarius, Juno retrogrades into Pisces

We’re coming a big week, so hang on tight for there are definitely a few surprises in store. Saturn in Virgo meets in its final opposition to Uranus in Pisces on Tuesday, followed by the New Moon in Virgo conjunct the Sun, Saturn in opposition to Uranus. Anything can happen and liberation can be as exhilarating as it is scary. But in the midst of this change there are endless opportunities arising if we can […]
September 12, 2009

Moon enters Cancer…

Weekly Horoscopes for Week beginning Sep. 12, 2009 == Pluto has stationed direct. All through Friday the Moon was in Gemini aiding communication while Pluto’s direct station added the backdrop of smoldering intensity. It moves into Cancer on Saturday around 8:19PM UT moving us into a weekend of craving comfort, warmth. Find what and who makes you feel at home in this world and pour energy into that.Things are likely to get intense again as […]
September 11, 2009

“IX_XI Memorium: Ars Gratis et Humanis”

Dear Friends and Readers, It’s been another long intense day and seems like that’s the story for everyone lately. I’ll have more for the blog tomorrow as Pluto stations direct — you can read more about that in the blog below this one. Also, given that it is the anniversary of the day that changed our world as we know it, here is God speak from Niles Comer… [You can read more from his soul, […]
September 9, 2009

Pluto stations direct 0+ Capricorn on Friday

Dear Friends and Readers, Its late Wednesday night as I write this, the Moon is now at 22+ Taurus, about to trine Saturn in Virgo and sextile Uranus in Pisces. This is a grounding point for the aspects to come next week as the Moon makes harmonius aspects to the Saturn-Uranus opposition that’s been rocking the world lately. In Taurus the Moon is exalted, bringing out the highest qualities of the sign and the planet. […]
September 8, 2009

Earth Moon and Virgin mother…

Today is a special day for me, it is my maternal grandfather’s birthday and also the feast of Mother Mary. I grew up from across the Mount Mary Church in Bandra, Mumbai and every year this day would begin with a visit to the church with my family. It is the most visited church in the cit and attracts millions of devotees each year for this week long celebration of the feast of the Virgin […]
September 7, 2009

Full Moon Blues and Alchemy…

With Mercury stationing retrograde yesterday, hot on the heels of the Full Moon the truth seems to have come flying out. Now we enter a phase of review of all that has come to the surface with big changes on the horizon. At the end of the week Pluto stations direct at 0+ degrees Capricorn squaring the Aries Point. Followed by the Saturn Uranus opposition next week on Sep. 15, 2009. The Moon is now […]
September 6, 2009

Mercury stations retrograde at 6+ Libra

It’s been quite the couple of days with the Pisces Full Moon setting the backdrop for a perfect escape, but now its back to reality. Its conjunction to Uranus probably came with a few final surprises and today Mercury stations retrograde. We can expect more “truth” to surface over the next couple of days. From now until Sep. 29, 2009 Mercury will retrace its steps in the sky to the degree in Virgo it occupied […]
September 5, 2009

Astrology Workshop

Diving in the Sun – Astrology Workshop == An individual’s Sun Sign is the core of their astrological profile. It is our souls signature, where our primary conscious evolution happens. In this workshop we will look at the basic components of a Natal Chart, the planets, the houses, the signs. We will then explore in-depth the Sun’s journey through the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, understanding the core energy of an individual and it’s potential […]
September 4, 2009

Sun-Sign Workshop Update…

A Quick Update with details to follow — I will be hosting a basic astrology workshop and have finalized the date to Oct. 4, 2009. This will be a workshop for beginners as well advanced students, to discover in-depth the Sun through the 12 signs of the zodiac and what infinite mysteries it holds. I’m just finalizing the details, please look for them on the site tomorrow. Thanks, Priya
September 3, 2009

Pisces Full Moon…

Weekly Horoscopes for Week beginning Sep. 5, 2009 == Dear Subscribers, Readers and Friends, Welcome to the Pisces Full Moon! Tomorrow at 11:02 AM EDT the Sun and Moon will oppose each other on the Virgo-Pisces axis. I’ve posted the moon report to the site which can be accessed and downloaded at this link. Also read the post below this one for an excerpt. This Full Moon is likely to bring us an intuitive glimpse […]
September 3, 2009

Mercury in Libra squares Mars in Cancer, heading to Pisces Full Moon…

Dear Subscribers, Readers and Friends, I’ve just finished writing the Pisces Full Moon report of about 1500 words and will be uploading it to the site shortly. Meanwhile, right now Mercury is forming a square to Mars in Cancer in the sky. Here is an excerpt from the report with details on this aspect. I’ll be back with more soon and hopefully pictures from my days here. I was by the lake again yesterday and […]
September 2, 2009

September 2009 Monthly Horoscopes

SEPTEMBER 2009 MONTHLY HOROSCOPES == ARIES You’ve been working hard to make the necessary changes in your life. Do what you can now to listen to your inner psyche and what it’s trying to tell you. Part of you may want to escape a difficult situation but any denial of your feelings will only boil over in scathing resentment. You can reach an important understanding within a partnership this week, if you can find a […]