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November 26, 2008

New Moon Report update

Dear Subscribers and Friends, In the light of the developing events, the New Moon report is on hold. I will not have it ready this evening as promised, but will post an update tomorrow morning on when it will be available. I am currently working on a special report with Eric Francis of Planet Waves for the tragedy in Mumbai, which we hope to have ready as soon as possible. We are looking at the […]
November 26, 2008

Mumbai terrorism…

It hurts my heart to even write this – I knew Pluto leaves Sagittarius today, but I never imagined it would leave a last blast of death and destruction. I’m sure by now you have watched the news. Terrorists have opened fire in co-ordinated attacks all over the city. 78 people dead and now more than 900 injured. I am watching the the Taj Hotel (a building I love deeply, and have many fond memories […]
November 26, 2008

Pluto enters Capricorn…

Hello everyone, Pluto moves into Capricorn today, taking us into a whole new land of opportunity. At 11:54 AM EST tomorrow the Moon and Sun conjunct in Sagittarius, with Mercury and Mars in a close conjunction. Words often fail me when I am faced with trying to comprehend and express something so profound and divine. Truly this is one incredible alignment of planets and the energy is palpable. With Pluto’s sign change and Uranus stationing […]
November 25, 2008

Audio Update

Dear Friends and Readers, This week’s Audio Forecast for the 12 signs are now ready for download. If you have a subscription to the service, you may login and access the files here. Or you can access them in the future by clicking the links on the left of the blog. Click here for a week’s free trial to the service, or you can make a one time purchase for all 12 signs for only […]
November 25, 2008

Sun conjuncts Mercury in Sagittarius

“…and recognize the utter holiness of each breath, of all things. This is the challenge of love.” — Haven Treviño Dear Friends, I don’t think you need me to tell you how intense things feel right now. To me, it feels like time is standing still. Pluto’s journey through Sagittarius has asked us to seek the essence of a higher sacred truth emerging from deep within. Before we begin this new journey of Pluto in […]
November 24, 2008

Jupiter squares Eris

Audio Forecasts for this week will be available for download by 5:30 PM EST == Welcome to the week! We’re entering a period of deep and profound release, as the Moon moves into Scorpio today. Much has risen to the surface since the Taurus Full Moon and on Thursday we have the New Moon in Sagittarius as Pluto enters Capricorn and Uranus stations direct; and Mercury conjuncts the Sun tomorrow. Over the next two days […]
November 21, 2008

Weekend Astrology… Sun ingresses Sagittarius and more…

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to catch your breath over the past couple of days, because things are moving into high gear. There’s an interesting set of alignments in the sky this weekend with the energy definitely shifting towards tangible proof of having something to hope for and work towards. With the heavy Scorpio energy the past few weeks, its been a time for confronting deeply personal issues in a spirit of letting go. Issues […]
November 20, 2008

Moon in Virgo, last day of the Sun in Scorpio…

It’s another quiet day in the cosmos; the Moon is now in Virgo, tomorrow Saturn and Jupiter will form an exact trine, and Eros sextiles them both. If we’ve been working hard towards our passion with integrity and commitment we are likely to see just how far and wide those roots have spread. With the Moon in Virgo it’s best to keep our nose to the grindstone and chip away at those projects. Today is […]
November 18, 2008

Uranus trines Eros

Dear Friends and Readers, As you may have noticed – I’ve had a terrifying day with WordPress. I thought I lost the blog with months of writing… BUT all is well now, and we can get back to the aspects…. It was a relatively quiet sky today (Tuesday evening as I write) with no major aspects between planets. The Moon continues her journey through Leo and is now past the South Node and opposes Neptune […]
November 17, 2008

Audio Update…

Hello all, This weeks Audio Forecasts for the 12 signs are now available for download at this link for a one time purchase price of $2.49. Or you can subscribe to the service for a monthly fee of only $7.99 that includes 4 weekly forecasts and two Moon reports each month. You can unsubscribe at any time and as a one time offer the first week to your subscription is free! Thanks and enjoy! Priya
November 17, 2008

Mercury sextiles Saturn and squares Neptune

Welcome to the week…and a much calmer one at that. We are now easing off the energy of a powerful Taurus Full Moon and there is much that has yet to surface. Mars has now moved into Sagittarius which is likely bringing more optimism to situations but also increasing urgency. Today, Mercury makes a series of aspects ensuring a lot of mental activity. With Mercury now forming sextiles to Saturn and Jupiter there is much […]
November 14, 2008

Weekend Astrology…

Dear Friends and Readers, We are now coming down from the energy of a beautiful Full Moon in Taurus and the Moon is now Gemini. This should make it easier to find words to the intense emotions we may have been feeling. With Neptune casting its cloud, squaring the lunation, it may have been hard to tell which way to turn. Yesterday’s prank played by the Yes Men in New York was a classic example […]