• Thanks again! Samuel G.
    Thank you for the wonderful reading this afternoon. I was able to see some important repeating patterns that have been triggered during the chiron cycle. I also recieved affirmation of some energies or cycles I was feeling intuitively in terms of changes and life direction. I really like the way you are able to tune in and pinpoint the issues as well as make suggestions on how to rise above and move beyond those things that are holding me back. You are just really good at what you do, insightful , non-judgemental, empathic.
    Thanks again! Samuel G.
  • Much love, Carmen
    Thanks so much for the wonderful reading. I'm still digesting it all and your interpretations were full of the faith and hope I needed to continue on my path. Knowing that I can come to you for your astrological knowledge and your counseling wisdom is deeply reassuring. As a therapist, I know that the healing and awakening process can be slow and rocky, but you have a way of moving me ahead more quickly than I would ever have been able to do in therapy or on my own. I'm so grateful that you're here on earth with us, sharing your gifts. Thank you again dear one. Priya, hope you can use the above for a blurb on your new website. I wrote it without any editing and just by sharing what came from the heart. I look forward to listening to the reading this weekend, and taking it in, hearing things that I may have missed. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for being you.
    Much love, Carmen
  • Love Amber, Melbourne
    Good Morning Priya! Thanks so much for a wonderful reading the other day. It has echoed in me for a few days. It felt very intuitive and some things you said were really enlightening. Thank you so much! It was lovely to meet you and please know you are welcome where ever I may be in this world.
    Love Amber, Melbourne
  • Fatima, Maryland
    Priya’s insights are valuable – she speaks to you with clarity and sincerity – you feel like she’s there on your porch on a sunny day.
    Fatima, Maryland
  • Jen in Connecticut, Psychotherapist
    A session with Priya is like having an hour with a therapist, astrologer and life coach all in one. Not only is she insightful and warm, but she knows her stuff!
    Jen in Connecticut, Psychotherapist
  • Nadine L., Penetanguishene, Canada
    Insightful and useful, Priya’s involved and caring approach has helped me make sense of important past events, renew commitments to healing and honouring current relationships with self, life and others, and enthusiastically plan for future life-purpose projects. A+
    Nadine L., Penetanguishene, Canada


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