Cancer Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse | End of a Decade…

one night I prayed
for Beautiful Wisdom:

and I saw the full moon
kick the empty shadows until
they bled

— Niles Comer,


Welcome to the Cancer Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse,

Given it is a Full Moon, Eclipse and in Cancer, not to mention New Year’s Eve and the end of a Decade — this is going to be a heavy duty emotional one. But there is healing and love present, as sure as day follows night. At this time I offer you my favorite Full Moon prayer and poem by my friend Niles Comer.

I have also uploaded the Moon report to the Subscriber portion of the site. You can read the full Moon report by clicking the links below, as part of the subscription service or as a one time purchase.

In the meanwhile pray you stay warm, safe, gentle, loved and blessed this New Year’s Eve.

May your life in 2010 be a prosperous, joyous, healing, abundant and peaceful one… Happy New Year…

With love,

Priya Kale, Dec. 31, 2009, New York City.


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Cancer Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse. Dec. 31, 2009

An Excerpt ==

“…Mercury being the planet ruling the mind, perhaps it is also time to pause and think of the MINDLESSNESS of war — which is nothing but a money making source for governments, industries and businesses. Pluto is in Capricorn after all. The loss of lives is very real and we can only pray for the safety of those that willingly risk their lives, for those that don’t even have that choice.

“I do not have facts at hand, but I’m pretty sure if even we took half the money we spend on war, we could seriously work to eradicate hunger. This is the Cancer issue. Unless the intelligent, rational people with the power to make a difference in society make their voices or presence heard in whatever way — there will be no change. Lives will continue to be lost. We are each individually responsible to some form of contribution to the betterment of the society we live in — especially in a democracy.

“What kind of human beings are we if it is more profitable to kill, rather than sustain, with our resources? Neither is right or wrong. This is the cycle of destruction and creation of the Universe. Death is the only certainty with life. But without judgment, we can as individuals of a society work to re-address this crucial balance by putting heads together and rethinking strategy…”

—  Priya Kale, Excerpt from Cancer Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, Dec. 31, 2009, New York City. Read Full Report.

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