Cancer Full Moon

Dear Subscribers, Readers and Friends,

In a few short hours the Moon will be full in her home sign Cancer. I have just uploaded the Cancer Full Moon report to the site, which is available for download at this link as a part of the subscriber service or as a one time purchase. The monthly subscriber includes a weekly Audio Horoscope for your sign plus two bonus ‘Moon reports’ at the time of the Full and New Moon for $7.99 a month or as a one time purchase of $2.49.

This is an in-depth report of approx. 2000 words covering the astrological climate over the next two weeks as we head towards a very potent Solar Eclipse in Aquarius at the end of the month. You can read excerpt below.

For now I wish you a happy and safe Full Moon from a snowy New York City,


Priya Kale, NYC


“Cancer can be a deeply intuitive sign, but like the ocean — the cresting waves on the surface rarely mirror the stillness at its depth where the real treasures lie. With the Moon also conjunct Varuna (a minor planet that has the energy of something being larger than life) suggests we could be riding what feels like a tsunami of overwhelming feelings. Go beyond your surface emotions to find out how you truly instinctively or intuitively feel about a situation or a person. Varuna was a prehistoric deity that has the energy of ‘God’ and was known as the ‘punisher of broken oaths.’

“Ask yourself if you are being true to the commitments you have made. Any commitments we make ultimately have little to do with a situation or a person, it is a choice and a promise an individual makes to ones higher self. Reach for this inner integrity at all times, the presence of Juno in close conjunction to the Sun and in opposition to the Moon and Varuna is reminding us to keep sight of the deeper truth that binds us to the people in our life. If we can be true the knowing that we are acting in accord with a higher law, we can now make connections that deeply enrich our lives.”

— Priya Kale, Cancer Full Moon, Jan. 10, 2009

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