Cancer New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse

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Cancer New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse report

An Excerpt ==

“Cancer is the energy that represents “the mother”: the emotional, physical and psychological nourishment that one needs in order to feel safe and protected. How emotionally secure we felt as children often translates into how secure we feel as adults.

“This New Moon is no doubt raising concerns regarding basic emotional or financial needs. But avoid making choices in any kind of ‘poverty consciousness.’ Eclipses are a time when anything can happen. There is more abundance and fertility birthing in our world, as long as we feed it with the right energy.

“Look closely at what brings you fulfillment and what truly makes you feel safe. Is it the four walls you live in? Or is it the people within it who make it a home? What are the childhood wounds that need to be washed away and healed, so you can find renewal and safety in the present?

“Significantly, Juno’s conjunction to the New Moon is a powerful indicator that relationships are under heavy influence in this climate. Astrologically, her presence often marks the point of a seemingly irreconcilable difference within a relationship [key word being “seemingly”].

“As we begin this new cycle, given the Juno conjunction to this New Moon in Cancer, let go of insecurities, or perhaps of the need for “security” within relationships. Not that security isn’t attainable or present, but the more we seek it, the further it seems to slip out of reach.” — Priya Kale, Cancer New Moon and Solar Eclipse, July 11, 2010


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