Capricorn Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Capricorn Lunar Eclipse, June 26, 2010


An Excerpt ==

“Hello and welcome to the Capricorn Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse,

“This Eclipse occurs at 7:30 AM EDT, June 26, 2010 at 4+ degrees of the Cancer-Capricorn axis, with the Moon exactly conjunct Pluto at 4+ Capricorn and in close conjunction to the North Node in Capricorn at 11+degrees.

“We are reaching a dramatic end of the road with situations that have long been sources of oppression both in our own worlds and in the world at large. With this Lunar Eclipse in conjunction to Pluto, it may feel like having to pass through the gates of hell. But if we go in surrender, then the Moon’s conjunction to the North Node suggests we can trust that the changes are paving the way for destiny…

“…Pluto’s transit through Capricorn is asking us to see beyond the superficial, to dig deeper into the core of one’s being in order to find the measure of our highest worth.

“Especially when it comes to personal stuff, it’s time to let go of our attachment to old emotional baggage. Let go of trying to emotionally manipulate, control or force anything; rather, be gentle as you steer yourself toward the future.

“There is also a feeling of having to cut the umbilical cord. But this lunation is offering the opportunity for emotional growth and maturity in the face of deep uncertainty. We are evolving deeply to find the depth and breadth of our integrity and worth, aside from the superficial trappings of society and status.”

— Priya Kale, NYC, Capricorn Lunar Eclipse. Purchase full report by clicking button above.


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