Capricorn New Moon and Annular Solar Eclipse

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Dear Friends,

Below is the Capricorn New Moon report which I wrote before I heard of the news of the Earthquake in Haiti, which comes as a tragedy.

As we enter the womb of this Eclipse, emotionally as well, this maybe a metaphor for what we are all feeling inside. Like something is crumbling to dust.

But only in the wake of disaster can we sometimes see the resilience of the human spirit. Its ability to dream a new dream and rebuild something stronger, as a tribute to the past and a legacy for the future…

Also please re-read your January Monthly Horoscope, written for the chart of this New Moon.

With New Moon wishes, prayers, blessings and love,

Priya Kale, NYC, Jan. 12, 2010


An Excerpt ==

“This week’s New Moon and Annular Solar Eclipse occurs at 2:11 AM EST, 7:11 AM UT and 5:11 PM AEST on Jan. 15, 2010 at 25+ Capricorn. This is the longest Annular Eclipse of the century which in itself is huge sign a far as the potential of the climate we stand in…

[As I post this we have just heard of the earth-quake in Haiti. I have not looked at the chart for the event — but I suspect given it’s proximity to the Eclipse this event is triggering something larger, that will only come to light about 6 months from now.]

Mid-year a powerful Grand Cross forms in the sky, due to bring huge changes on the global front, in terms of changing policies, boundaries and social structures. Perhaps we will finally start to see the need for resources devoted to humanitarian efforts rather than war and destruction. [I have covered this transit in-depth in the 2010 Annual Horoscopes on how it affects each sign individually.]

“There is a sense of being called to one’s destiny. We are shaping our future. Depending on where you have Capricorn in your Natal Chart, that is where something powerful is taking seed.

But New Moon’s can first bring a feeling of emptying out. It may feel like a situation has touched rock bottom or being absolutely on the edge of something. Given that this is an Eclipse it can feel especially intense.

But trust this is necessary as we move into a new cycle and the only way from here is up. Only after we clear the debris of a crumbling past, can we make room for something new to grow…”– Priya Kale, Capricorn New Moon and Annular Solar Eclipse Report, Jan. 15, 2010. Read Full Report.

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