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Dear Friends,

We’re past the Solstice, in the dark of the Moon now, with the Moon currently in Sagittarius moving towards the Capricorn New Moon on Christmas Eve — making this mystical Holy season even more so, with cosmic energies asking us to go inward and seek a greater meaning to our lives and existence.

Capricorn is the third of the earth signs, ruled by Saturn, represents ‘physical’ energy or matter in its most evolved state. On a human level this is where we learn establish our authority in this world or feel a sense of accomplishment. Saturn represents a gateway between the past and the future. As the Sun passes through Capricorn at this time, it is natural then that we partake in a retrospective journey even as we set goals for the coming year.

But as we do this now, the New Moon’s conjunction to Pluto is in Capricorn asking that we become conscious of our subconscious motivations and attachments – especially to success or recognition for out efforts. It doesn’t matter so much what the world thinks of your accomplishments and in one sense it doesn’t even matter if what you ‘think.’ But if we want to touch the sky, first it will require us to go to the depths, core, confront our darkness and re-discover our roots and humanity.

Venus in Aquarius

Also now, Venus is in Aquarius and will transit through the sign until the middle of January. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, creativity and social charm. Her gracing Aquarius the sign of community and friends is likely to be a rather social influence, filling the air with the festive spirit, helping spread the love, cheer and good vibes.

Aquarius is a fixed sign, and as much as it represents community it also represents the individual. We are all different, in that we are alike. It is our humanity that binds us — showing us the fixed quality of Aquarius. Venus in Aquarius and individuals with this placement in their chart are at best more free and enlightened when it comes to expressing their love. Sexually, Venus in Aquarius could be rather kinky. But its also the kind of love we have for our friends — the bonds that remain unbroken through space and time.

On a personal individual level, there may be the natural desire to want harmony within the collective (whether it is our family, friends or peace on earth) but there may also be a sense of isolation that comes with perhaps trying to fit in with the crowd. Or perhaps feeling alone in a crowded room, recognizing how different our desires are from others.  Venus in Aquarius is also a reminder to be honest about one’s feelings. Not being so aloof or detached that we isolate from feeling anything at all. Or feel like we can’t share because no one will understand.

This transit is showing us the need for self-acceptance and self-love which can be a liberating thing, allowing us to share love freely and more unconditionally, “without attachment” rather than ‘detachment.’ Celebrate your differences and rather than seek acceptance from external sources. With self-acceptance there can be true compassion which is the overflow and outpouring of a full heart.

Below is an excerpt from the December Astrological report (sent out to Subscribers at the beginning of the month) describing in detail the energy surrounding tomorrow’s Capricorn New Moon.

Also, you may know this is the time of the year when I am lost deep in the cosmos writing the Annual Horoscopes for the coming year. If you haven’t already pre-ordered your 2012 Annual Horoscopes you can do that now at this link. (You can also purchase these as Gifts for family and friends.) You can read the horoscopes for 2010 and 2011 at these links.

And I wanted to do something special this year, and I’m happy to announce I’ve been working with my father to put together a one of a kind, beautifully designed, Astro Calendar which will be available for pdf download. The calendar is marked with dates on the New and Full Moons, Mercury retrograde cycles, Planetary ingresses and other important astrological events of 2012.  The Calendar should be available on the site in the coming days some time before the New Year, so please do check in.

Until then, “Have your self a Merry Christmas, let your heart be light…” I wish you the Happiest of Holy-days…

In Love,



Capricorn New Moon

Excerpt from Cosmic Weather for December 2011 ==

“Another major shift comes as Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, stations direct on December 25, 2011 just in time for Christmas. Jupiter is the planet that represents hope, faith and is considered the most benevolent planet and its change of direction is rather divinely timed this season of giving. People are likely to be feeling more generous than usual this holiday season which we can never have enough of.

“But first on Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2011 we have the Capricorn New Moon which occurs at 2+ Capricorn; in close conjunction to Pluto and a solid trine to Jupiter in Taurus (still retrograde.)

“Given this is Christmas Eve, it’s likely to be a rather emotional time and with the New Moon in conjunction to Pluto even more intensely so. Expect a wave of nostalgia sweeping through, washing over us. The holidays are not an easy time for many, who are grieving, missing loved ones or simply don’t even have basic necessities for survival and the planetary aspects are certainly bringing these darker emotions and realities to the forefront.

“But there are also those who live in external material abundance, but are too caught up worrying how to hold on to their riches, to even enjoy the wealth they’ve been given. I once heard someone say, ‘the only difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich get to choose their misery.’  

”One’s economic status has nothing to do with the joy or love in one’s heart which is the true measure of one’s wealth. This may also be time of a heavy release for those grieving loved ones who have passed.

“We can never replace our loved ones, nor take the place of those who have passed in the lives of those we love but we can be sensitive to them. Also it may be helpful to remember our lives are a testament to all those who have gone before us, laying foundations for all the generations to come after us. We owe it to ourselves to live our best possible lives — as defined one’s by personal integrity and not rules or tradition for the sake of it.

“It is true old times and traditions are dying, but in letting go of what is dead, gone or dying we can make space for something new to birth and take root. It is all about making conscious choices: choosing life over death, love over pain, and a recognition of what is precious rather than focusing on the lo

“We can let go of our darker past if we choose. Even in the death of old traditions there can be the birth of new ones, that honor the past while embracing present reality. The Capricorn New Moon’s trine to Jupiter also suggests a time of finding inner faith and counting one’s blessings no matter what the external circumstances of one’s life reflect. The aspects could exaggerate the sense of loss we feel but if we are conscious, this is a profound opportunity to awaken to all there is to be grateful for. Jupiter in Taurus is a reminder of the gift of life – to be able to experience the wonders of this world while still in the flesh is truly a Divine gift.

“Financially, for business as well as personal relationships, this is a rather fertile period. But perhaps if you are starting a new business or partnership then you may want to wait until after Christmas when Jupiter is direct and you have the full force of its blessings on your venture or partnership.

”Also this New Moon triggers the Uranus – Pluto square, an aspect that first peaked June 2010, again this year, and rules the skies over the next few years until 2015. As we have seen all over the world and in our lives in 2011, change is here now.

“We are being awoken to our very individual power on a very personal level, but this also brings a deep need for self-awareness. Only then can there be a conscious breaking away from the past patterns, and parental, social or cultural conditioning allowing us to live a more passionate and authentic existence; rather than unconsciously rebelling, or reacting to emotional triggers or feelings of powerlessness in [self] destructive ways.

The people in a position of power and authority whether on a global political, economic level or in our personal lives are there because we put them there and we give them that power. If this is done blindly or without any self-awareness, then it’s like falling asleep at the wheel, or giving away the reins of control unconsciously and then end up feeling victimized. The aspects surrounding the Capricorn New Moon are truly embodying this energy asking us to become conscious of the darker unconscious patterns we want to break out of, so we can live a more personally authentic and passionate existence and be responsible for the world we are creating.

“We may not be able to change certain external circumstances but we can let go of inner destructive patterns, allowing us to move forward. A square always points to an inner resolution and in this case it may simply mean giving ourselves the permission to be and feel happy.

“The time before any New Moon always feels like an ebbing away to nothingness. But this Nothingness is also the sacred space which holds the seed of all creation. This is a New Moon in Capricorn, the third earth sign, representing physical energy in its most evolved form.

There may be a need or desire to break away from tradition to embrace a more personally authentic and passionate existence. But if we can find the courage to do so, and find a balance between the old and the new, this is the beginning of a time that allows us to start thriving rather than just surviving. All we need is faith the size of a mustard seed…a fitting reminder this Christmas.”
 — Priya Kale, Excerpt from Cosmic Weather for December 2011. Read full report.


This is an Excerpt from the Cosmic Weather report for December 2011 sent out to Subscribers of the Cosmic Diaries Subscriber Service at the beginning of the month. The Service also includes Weekly Horoscopes, Discounts on Consultations and reports, occasional special reports and more. You can sign up at this link for a Week’s FREE trial.


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