Cosmic Diaries : Mars conjunct Neptune, Mercury ingresses Pisces, Sun opposes Saturn

Hello there,

Just wanted to post a note, on Sunday, Mars conjuncts Neptune, Mercury enters Pisces and the Sun will oppose Saturn. I explained these aspects in the post below this one, but with Mars conjunct Neptune it’s no wonder that an aspect would slip by…

Any time these two planets make contact in the sky, there is a feeling of cloudiness, fog and in extreme cases deception (which could mean self-deception or denial rather than someone else is trying to deceive you) so make sure you are really paying attention to what the Universe is trying to teach you. This is also a time to be aware of our addictions and need for healing. As Mercury enters Pisces, this is the time to let the thoughts go and flow, to surrender duality so we can enter the stream of consciousness that allows us to act according to the Universal or God’s will.

As the Sun opposes Saturn today leading towards the Full Moon on Wednesday, triggering the Saturn Uranus opposition you can be sure we are moving past huge obstacles now. But with this comes great opportunity as well of being able to feel a lot more freedom and understanding. It is very important now that we not be critical especially of ourself, with Saturn retrograde in Virgo this is a time for inner rebuilding of integrity and can be profoundly healing energy if we are willing to learn the lessons.

Saturn’s energy can be tough, but this is about finding and rebuilding strength within and soaking in our souls energy. Avoid nervous energy as much as possible by channeling it into constructive and that needs restructuring and re-organizing. With the Sun in Pisces, this is a reminder of the higher cosmic plan in effect asking us to do the inner work so we can manifest them into our physical reality. It would be best now to go with the flow and pour your energy into something that needs re-structuring and re-organizing.

Luna she is now in Leo heading towards the Full Moon; followed by the Sun’s conjunction to Uranus. Be gentle with yourself and others over the next few days. This energy is sure to rattle a few cages, but we are freeing stuck energy. The more we can go into this in the spirit of surrender we can allow something truly divine, healing and liberating to occur. Now with the Moon in Leo, watch your ego, defenses and insecurities and use the energy to open your heart so it may be healed – by a divine force.


On another but very important note: Niles and me have been discussing the best way to work with the Blog and from now on each entry posted by me will begin with the title “Cosmic Diaries” and the entries posted by Niles will read “Painted Soul” until we find a better or more clear way to do it. We invite you to post comments or replies on the blog by registering with WordPress (registration link at bottom left of this page) or of course you can email us respectively at and

It’s a little after midnight here in Mumbai (early Sunday) and I leave in about 5 hours for Ratnagiri. I will be writing while I’m away so I’m taking my laptop and this show on the road for now. Meanwhile, here’s me in Goa and I hope to be back with more photos soon.

Catch you back on Monday with Weekly Horoscopes, have a great rest of the weekend…
— Priya Kale, Mumbai

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