Peace, Love and Surrender: Dark of Moon, Libra New Moon, A Look Back on September…

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September 2013 Cosmic Weather


Hello Friends,

Here we are in October — a month of mystery, revelations, more drama, life-changing turning points and perhaps a few wake up calls. If there is any truth to the sky and Astrology, it’s a month we’re unlikely to forget anytime soon. So make it a month to remember.

Yesterday the Sun made a square to Pluto and, is now moving to an opposition to Uranus, just before this Libra New Moon. There are choices to be made, but there is also the opportunity for major breakthroughs. Act as if you’re creating your Universe — because you are.

We’re in the Dark of the Moon now, asking for introspection, inner balance, equilibrium and deep release of the past before a new cycle of creation.

This lunation also leads to the Lunar Eclipse in Aries on Oct. 19, 2013, and Mercury entered shadow yesterday on Oct. 1, 2013 and stations retrograde on Oct. 21, 2013 immediately after the Eclipse.

Below is an excerpt (covering the aspects surrounding the coming Libra New Moon) from the October Cosmic Weather forecast which covers in detail the astrology of the month. (Subscribers can look for that in their mail box later today or tomorrow.)

But before you move forward, here is a look back on last month: September 2013 Cosmic Weather

I’ll be back with more soon… Till then, take care of yourself and Happy New Moon!

Peace and Love,



October Cosmic Weather 2013

by Priya Kale

An Excerpt ==

Oct. 4, 2013 marks the Libra New Moon at 11+ degrees, marking the beginning of the cycle leading to the Aries Lunar Eclipse on Oct. 19, 2013. This New Moon is also in opposition to Uranus in Aries, triggering the Grand Cross in the sky. This is a turning point, and major cross-roads for the world, and for us personally in our lives.

Expect unexpected developments in relationships, sudden encounters, meeting people you never imagined you would, but that could change your life. Still this is Uranus, so it’s important not to cling to anyone or anything, offer others a lot of freedom and space in relationships — then the scales of power can balance out.

Also, Mercury, Saturn and the North Node are in a triple conjunction, suggesting these are life changing decisions and commitments we’re making. Mercury is now in shadow — 

With Mercury making two more conjunctions to Saturn and the North Node, through its transit through Scorpio, this is like etching a line in the ground: draw it with chalk the first time around and leave room for developments and adjustments. Or drawing up a plan for construction, before you start construction: you may need to go back to the drawing board a couple of times, as you have more information, till you get a balance right.

Libra is the sign of relationships, “marriage,” art, creativity, peace, truth, love, harmony, law, justice, balance, Karma — the scales. It represents the fine balance of the Universe.

What we really seek as humans is inner peace and love– but this can’t be based on external circumstances,  for anything external is transient. All the peace and love you want can be found right now, if you choose, within yourself.

Nature seeks balance. Whether change comes from outside in or inside out — it’s here now. Consciously or unconsciously we are creating our reality. We can not control the external world but, in deep acceptance of reality as it stands, we can change it. 

In seeking inner balance, we can make balanced choices, making peace, art, love, creating harmony and something new and beautiful.

Priya Kale, October Cosmic Weather 2013. Read full report

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