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Important Note July 26, 2014:

It’s a New Moon and I will be doing Astrology & Tarot readings at the Woodstock Flea Market today Saturday July 26, 2014 in Woodstock, NY. Come find me at the Dillidalier booth and get a New Moon reading!

Sooooo… do you feel it? Change is here. Now.

After a long, eight month, transit through Libra, Mars finally entered Scorpio just a few hours ago at 10:24 PM EDT on July 25, 2014.

Mars has been in Libra for the past eight months, during which time it also stationed retrograde. This hasn’t been the easiest placement for Mars; and has certainly brought up important perhaps painful truths to deal with, especially in relationships. But it has also balanced the scales and, more importantly, hopefully you’ve been able to find balance within.

Now as Mars moves into his home sign Scorpio, this is a deep shift in the energy. As at the end of your rope you may feel, it doesn’t have to be a bloodbath. Especially as we move through the dark of the Moon to a Leo New Moon, the sign of life and creation. At best, this is ego death at it’s finest — allowing for resurrection.

Currently, the Moon is in its extreme waning phase in Cancer. The Moon enters Leo at 10:54 AM, and conjuncts the Sun in Leo at 3+ degrees at 6:41 PM EDT on July 26, 2014 marking the Leo New Moon ushering in a new dawn. The show must go on, only this isn’t a show, this is life. And we have one shot at it.

I’ll be back with more on the Leo New Moon hopefully sometime on Sunday. But in the if you haven’t watched this video yet, (or even if you have) now is the time – Before Dawn…leading to Leo New Moon

The light isn’t at the end of the tunnel — it’s within you.

Happy New Moon!



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