Deluge…: Mahashivratri & Pisces New Moon…


There is freedom within
there is freedom without
Try to catch a deluge in a paper cup

There’s a battle ahead
many battles are lost
But you’ll never see the end of the road
While you’re traveling with me

Don’t Dream It’s Over, Crowded House


Dear Friends,

We’re moving through a rare patch of astrology with a stellium of planets in Pisces, as we approach a New Moon in the sign on March 11, 2013 at 2:51 PM EDT; 7:51 PM GMT and March 12, 2013 at 1:21 AM INT. This is as magical as it gets and the dreams you are having now need not just be wishful thinking. As you enter this phase of the dark of the Moon, (the most fertile phase,) be conscious of the vision you wish to bring into being.

The Moon is currently in Aquarius; it squares Saturn and goes Void of Course at 5:07 PM EDT on March 9, 2013 until it enters Pisces at 1:18 AM EDT on March 10, 2013.

Very significantly, the day before this particular Pisces New Moon is celebrated here in India as Mahashivratri — “the Great Night of Shiva.”

Here is one of the Legends behind this festival:

“Pralaya (the Deluge): Another version relates that the whole world was facing destruction and Goddess Parvati worshipped her husband Shiva to save it. She prayed for the jivs (living souls) remaining in the sea –- like particles of gold dust in a lump of wax—during the long period of Pralaya (deluge) night [Pisces,] that they should, upon becoming active [Aries] again, have His blessings [Pisces – Cosmic Consciousness,] but only if they worshipped him just as she did. Her prayer was granted. Parvati named the night for the worship of Ishwar [“God”] by mortals Maha-Sivaratri, or the great night of Shiva, since Pralaya is brought about by Him. Shivratri is also when Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva married again.” [Union of Shiv-Shakti.]”

Another well-known legend, speaks of the story of the “Samudra Manthan” [churning of the Cosmic Ocean – Pisces] when the Devas [Gods] and Asuras [Demons] fought to obtain the Amruta or the nectar of immortality [essence of Pisces.]

Mythology or religion for that matter is a poetic way of describing energy. It is not factual but it attempts to speak an unspeakable, mystical truth — which goes deep beyond surface words.

Pisces is the sign that represents cosmic consciousness. Shiva in Hindu mythology is the known as the “destroyer.” The time of “Pralay” (the deluge – Pisces) is when Shiva, “the Destroyer”, is said to open his third eye — and the world “ends,” (Pisces) before life can renew again (as the Sun enters Aries.) This makes sense given Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac.

And what Shiva really destroys is the veil of illusion, “duality,” and the ego that prevents one from realizing an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent presence and an indivisible, transcendent reality.

Below is an excerpt from the Cosmic Weather for March, I recently sent out to Subscribers describing the energy this coming month.

And the image above is a doodle I drew a week ago, the day of the Venus-Neptune conjunction, while I was taking a much needed day off at the beach with one of my best friends, who is also an amazing artist, Geetanjali. I was doodling in blue when she asked if she could join in. She did the left, I did the right and it somehow merged together. We said we would interpret it later. But then that time never came and then I forgot about it.

Until a few days later, as I started to write the Cosmic Weather report for March, I realized that we had channeled the energy somehow in that doodle — especially the energy of the days following New Moon. Venus was conjunct Neptune in Pisces that day — we were channeling through art. Also interestingly we were at the beach (Pisces,) both Venus ruled women (her Libra, me Taurus) who went to Art school together.

So I leave the above open for your interpretation, and perhaps even suggest you write out a page of what the doodle means for you (feel free to share in the comments below) — that’s what I feel is coming up this month…

With Love,


Cosmic Weather: March 2013

An Excerpt ==

“As we move into the dark of the Moon, just before the Pisces New Moon on March 11th, it will be ever more necessary to trust one’s inner light to guide us through the darkness. The time before the New Moon marks the end of a cycle, as the Moon disappears before a new cycle can begin. This is when the veil between ‘the inner and outer worlds’ is said to be the thinnest.

“The day before the Pisces New Moon is celebrated each year in India as ‘Mahashivratri’ — “The Great Night of Shiva.” Pisces is the energy that most represent cosmic consciousness, the great void, the illusion. In Hindu mythology Shiva (part of the trinity,) is known as the “destroyer.”

“On this night as we celebrate Mahashivratri, we are celebrating the destruction of the veil of illusion, the Maya of impermanence — so one can experience an eternal, omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent presence, that is existence itself.

“Interestingly, Venus in close conjunction with the New Moon and also trines the North Node. Venus is exalted in Pisces and her presence in the womb of this lunation is a suggestion of profoundly creative energy. Also Mars is in the very last degree of Pisces. Mars enters Aries only hours after the lunation, leading the way for the rest of the planets as they make their way into Aries in the days following.

“This is the image of fire twisting out of the water, the un-manifest becoming manifest with the seed of creation. This is truly infinite, limitless, creative potential; as is the love we are likely beginning to feel now. Love is always unconditional, but relationships are a choice. And as we move towards the Full Moon at the end of the month, we will be asked to make a few choices.

“But for now as you enter this New Moon and as Venus trines the North Node — we are co-creating our destiny; and we can make conscious choices now that steer us towards a future we most envision. Just let love be the source of whatever you do or wish to create or bring into being. And the more you can let go of expectations of what you will get back in return, the more pleasantly surprised you are likely to be by the time of the Full Moon.” — Cosmic Weather: March 2013. Read Full Report.


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