The Divine Play…: Leo Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Jan. 31 – Feb. 16, 2018


Hello from Kolkata! And welcome to the Leo Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, exact in just a few hours.

I’m here at the IVC Conference, preparing to speak on Chiron tomorrow, but wanted to check in with Eclipse happenings.

I’ve written up a detailed report, which I will be sending to subscribers shortly (still adding a few last minute insights) but below is an excerpt, and what you need to know for now. Subscribers, I will be in your inbox soon – if not before, soon after Eclipse. In the meanwhile, here’s what you need to know for now…

I’ll be back with more here soon — but until then happy Eclipsing. Be safe.




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Leo Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse: Jan. 31 – Feb. 16, 2018

This is an excerpt from the Cancer Full Moon report — a part of the Cosmic Diaries subscriber service — which includes a detailed interpretation of the astrology seeding the lunation and over the coming two weeks.

You can receive the Full report in your email by making a one time purchase below, or signing up at this link.

January began with an Full Moon in Cancer, bringing overwhelming emotions to the surface asking for a conscious release, rather than projecting our needs on to the world, or our relationships.

We’re now at the second Full Moon of the month, (what is known as a Blue Moon) and the first Eclipse of the year on Jan. 31, 2018.

This is the culmination of the cycle that began with the first Capricorn New Moon of the year, and since Saturn’s ingress in the sign — asking that we grow up and assume responsibility for our lives, and the world we are creating.

This Leo Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse occurs at 11+ Leo at 8:27 AM EST in conjunction to the North Node at 14+ Leo, opposite the Sun at 11+ Aquarius, the South Node at 14+ Aquarius and Venus at 16+ Aquarius — fanning flames of passion, creativity, and desire.

Love is in the air, but it really isn’t love if it isn’t unconditional. True love will not confine you, it sets you free. And when two people come together out of freedom, and desire, rather than need and attachments — it can be a beautiful thing.

The planets also make a wide square to Jupiter at 21+ Scorpio — asking for a deep surrender; to have faith and let go of trying to control situations. With the lunation in fixed signs, and Jupiter in a T-square — Taurus holds the key; suggesting whatever unfolds remain centred and, most importantly, patient as more comes to light.

Also at the time Mercury is at the anaretic degree at 29+ Capricorn — about to shift to Aquarius, where it is exalted. There’s a sense that what comes to light opens a whole new world of possibilities; an idea is solid, and could be a stroke of genius.

Avoid eating and drinking during the time of the Eclipse, and it would be best to spend the duration of the Eclipse in meditation.

At the time of a Lunar Eclipse the Moon’s disk is wiped clean before it is revealed again. There is a similar process unfolding in our lives: a chapter ends, but there is a new revelation and realisations coming through, allowing you to see new possibilities or something in a new light.

Eclipses set in motion events and patterns carrying us through at least the next six months till the next set of Eclipses. They tend to bring fated events, reminding us of the forces greater than us at play. Eclipses occur in proximity to the Nodes which are an indicator of past [karma] (South Node) and destiny (North Node).

Pay attention to what’s unfolding in the areas of your life ruled by Leo and Aquarius — that’s where this drama is being played out. Also, look back to what was unfolding August 2017, when the most recent set of Leo-Aquarius Eclipses culminated. This is a continuation of events in a longer process unfolding drawing you towards your destiny.

The Leo-Aquarius axis deals with themes of love and friendship, creativity and innovation, sex and detachment, the individual and the collective, the ego and liberation, to name a few — highlighting these themes in our lives.

Leo is very creative, sexual, passionate energy. Leo rules the heart, but it also rules the ego — which is what causes pain. Right now, even if there is a sense of pain, rejection, hurt feelings, remember it is never the heart that breaks — only the ego, which is what causes pain.

At best, this breaks our hearts open to share are heart and art, more freely in the present, in the here and now, without the need for validation or expectations of how something will be received.

Leo is also the sign that rules the “here and now”, the eternal present, asking that you stay in the present, keep an open heart in awareness of what you are creating, even as you remain detached and consciously release the past (Sun, Venus, South Node in Aquarius.)

It will call for courage, spontaneity, sharing your heart and expressing yourself freely without expectations or the need for validation… CONTINUED… READ FULL REPORT. Jan. 31 – Feb. 16, 2018.


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