Do you believe in Magic? Sun conjunct Neptune; Dark of the Moon in Pisces

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Dear Friends,

The Sun ingressed Pisces yesterday, and made its first conjunction to Neptune in Pisces since 1861, suggesting we stand in a rather mystical, magical moment out of time, likely to bring dream like surreal experiences.

The Pisces New Moon occurs on Feb. 21, 2012 at 5:34 PM EST, but right now we’re in the ‘Dark of the Moon’ also known as the Balsamic phase of the Moon.

This is considered one of the most potent and fertile phase for seeding new intentions. But it is also marks the end of a cycle calling for a deep release for the past. People born under this phase of the Moon are especially intuitive and likely to experience life as such — a constant conscious release of emotional and earthly attachments as they journey further towards an awakening to their spiritual reality.

As we move through this time before the New Moon, this is the part of the journey where we have to first get both feet in the boat, let go of this shore and all that is familiar, only then can we begin our journey to the other side.

In Astrology any and every aspect has infinite interpretations and possibilities of manifestation, and can be in experienced in as many different ways as there are life forms on earth. This is the beauty of Astrology and indeed our Universe. But of all planets, Neptune and Pisces is the energy that most represents the what we would call “infinite.”

With the Sun-Neptune conjunction right now the possibilities are indeed endless and limitless. But naturally this can also be disconcerting, like being adrift in the ocean on a dark night. But interestingly the coming New Moon will also be at the mid-point of Neptune and Chiron, (an aspect we will dive deeper into over the coming days) allowing us to sharpen and focus a vision that is now emerging in our consciousness. The New Moon will also sextile Jupiter suggesting no matter how confusing things have been lately, there is real hope on the horizon.

At the time of the New Moon with no light in the sky, especially in Pisces, there is a deep need to turn inward to the eternal light of one’s soul and learn to trust one’s own intuition to guide us forth. Trust in the flow of life, then we can steering our ship, staying open to the serendipitous opportunities that are almost sure to arise…

— Priya Kale, Feb. 20, 2012


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