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Important Note:

Dear Friends,

It’s that time of the year again, when I dive deep into the Cosmos to write the Annual Horoscopes for the upcoming year. With all that is being said about 2012, you can be sure this is shaping up to be an unforgettable year.

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I thank you as always for your faith as I write these and look forward to being your astrologer in the times to come…

With Love,

Priya Kale

Dear Friends,

We are coming down from the energy of an extremely intense Taurus Full Moon. With the Sun in Scorpio, if you’ve looked at the news lately the headlines scream of sex, abuse, violence, greed, death and darkness. But this is darkness coming to light, even if it means facing a darker reality so that we can begin to heal and move forward in awareness.

Eclipses & Nodes

And now the Eclipse season is upon us…

Two times a year, the Sun and Moon align with the Nodes of the Moon (Rahu and Ketu as they are known in Vedic Astrology) bringing us Eclipses. A time when there is an acceleration of events here on earth aligning and leading us to our greater destiny.

Whatever it is that one is working toward manifesting here in this lifetime, the ultimate “destiny” of any soul is to be liberated from this eternal cycle of re-birth, to step out of mortality and into eternity (and with Grace, to experience this while still in the flesh). The Nodes are the points in a chart that will offer the key to pierce this veil. Indeed, the Nodes are one of the most significant indicators in a chart and one of the first things that I look at in a reading with a client.

The Nodes are hypothetical points in the sky that represent the shadow of the Moon. Through my astrological knowledge, experience and intuitive understanding, the Nodes represent the entry and exit point in this karmic wheel. The North Node is where we evolve toward or what we’ve come here to learn, while the South Node represents “where we come from,” our journey through past lives or latent talents, gifts and abilities. Living in this material world (this human body) requires a subtle balance of both forces.

It is true that everything does happen for a reason, even if it is not apparent to us with our limited vision and perspective. But at the the time of the Eclipses, when two most significant luminaries — the Sun (primary consciousness) and the Moon (intuitive emotional self) — align with the Nodes, we are more aware of the control that we have over our destiny. Control not necessarily over external events, but in how we respond to circumstances. What ultimately matters is one’s consciousness and awareness of the power of present choices to shape the future, allowing us to be co-creators of our own destiny.

The Nodes return to the same position or complete a cycle every 18 years, so it may also be helpful to look back and see what was occurring in your life 18 years ago in order to get a sense of the bigger picture that is unfolding. Every 9 years the Nodes return to the same set of signs but are reversed, marking the halfway point in their journey on the Nodal axis. Currently the North Node is in Sagittarius and the South Node in Gemini, which is reversed from their said position of exaltation at 3+ Gemini for the North Node and 3+ Sagittarius for the South Node.

When transiting (or in synastry) Nodes are positioned in reverse from their Natal positions in a chart, it can bring one ‘face-to-face’ with the past, suggesting a time of clearing up the past (Karma). In some cases, it may be a time when one is more easily able to tap into natural abilities, or a sense of ‘home-coming,’ but there may also be a sense of being at odds with one’s own destiny.

How the aspect manifests depends entirely on each person’s personal journey thus far and how consciously they address Karmic baggage or how ‘centered’ one is. This is something that can be studied deeper in an Astrology reading or through working with the help of an experienced astrologer or by even constantly observing your life and chart.

Currently the North Node is at 15+ Sagittarius (with Venus at 14+ and Mercury at 13+ making exact conjunctions tomorrow), and the South Node is at 15+ Gemini. Mercury will pass this way two more times before the end of the year, making the communication that we have now significant later on our journey toward discovering truth. Venus’ presence is a significator for creative, financial and relationship situations reaching an important point in our destiny.

Look back to what was going on with you in December 2010 and then June 2011; these times marked the previous Eclipses. The coming Eclipses are a succession in the series that brings us to the next chapter in this greater unfolding story. Eclipses have the intensity and power of six New or Full Moons in one, so pay attention to the events occurring: the choices you make now are setting the stage for the next six months of your journey.

On Nov. 25, 2011, the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius occurs at 2+ degrees of the sign at 2:09 AM EST. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Gemini occurs at 18+ Gemini, in close conjunction to the South Node at 14+ degrees.

Don’t underestimate your power to make choices that bring you closer to your destiny. The New Moon in Sagittarius in a trine to Uranus in Aries is likely to test the limits of our faith. But the aspects are pushing us to go beyond fear and reach for what some would call impossible in order to discover what we are truly capable of. Remember: what you seek is freedom “to” be your Self or express yourself rather than freedom “from” something. Escape is never the solution, but in honesty there can be true liberation. You are already free.

By Dec. 10, the Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Gemini brings a completion to the cycle that begins at the time of the New  Moon. Just as the Sun’s and Moon’s disks are eclipsed, we have a chance to wipe the slate clean in important situations, setting us on a new journey. The Nodes in Sagittarius and Gemini suggest that our quest is certainly one of truth, freedom and a higher law.

Mars in Virgo & The Grand Earth Trine

Meanwhile, Mars is now in the early degrees of Virgo, forming a solid Grand Earth Trine with Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn and making exact aspects with the planets on Nov. 13, 2011 and Nov. 23, 2011, respectively.

When we have Grand Trines in earth signs, they open up a flow of energy, and this is due to be a grounding, stabilizing influence. But the danger with Grand Trines is that they can also get us caught up in patterns or going around in circles. In earth signs, as much as this aspect is a grounding and stabilizing influence, be conscious of getting stuck in patterns. Especially during the retrograde phase, be aware and consciously weed out what is ‘not working’ in your life. This will be a time of inner pruning.

Working with Mars is like working with an open flame — without consciousness, we are likely to get burned. In Virgo, be careful of critical energy that could tear apart the very fragile threads you are working to mend. Also, don’t worry about making things perfect; leave room for error. There is Divinity at work even in what you consider a “mistake” or not “good enough.”

Depending on where in your Natal (and Solar) chart Mars is transiting, you will feel its effects the most in the corresponding area of your life. Mars will station retrograde in Virgo at the end of January at 23+ degrees and then station direct again on April 13, 2012 at 3+ Virgo. If you have planets around these degrees, then you are likely to feel this transit more personally and powerfully.

Those born in the 60’s, when Pluto and Uranus were in Virgo, have the opportunity to harness the energy of these outer planets in a more personal, individual way, so expect to hear a lot more from this generation or about issues resurfacing from this era in the news over the coming 6 months.

Jupiter in Taurus is an indicator of the potential for material abundance and prosperity; Pluto’s presence in Capricorn suggests that in letting go of the external trappings of success, parental, cultural and societal conditioning, there can be the discovery of one’s true values, worth, integrity, wealth and prosperity.

Mars will repeat this Grand Trine aspect with Jupiter and Pluto two more times before it leaves Virgo. Above all, the planets suggest that you have the opportunity to bring about permanent change, and even if it is slow moving, you can trust that it is solid. What matters is our dedication to it and our trust in the process, as well as the ability to do what needs to be done to fix what’s broken or to heal what needs healing.

On that note, here is a link to the ‘Earthy Monk Manifesto’ sent to me by, well, an Earthy Monk…

With Love,



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