February 2016 Travel Horoscopes & Weekly Astrology Overview

February Travel Horoscopes for Conde Nast Traveller India.

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Hello dear Friends,

A lot has been changing behind the scenes, as in the skies and I’m sure in your lives. I’ll have more to say after the Aquarius New Moon — but wanted to bring you a few updates and quickly check in with the astrology.

I have some happy news and some sad news. First the happy news — I’ve written your February Travel Horoscopes for Conde Nast Traveller India. Read yours here — and I hope you enjoy them!!

Sad news is Format Magazine decided to discontinue the Weekly Horoscopes since they weren’t getting enough traffic to the page — so there will be no Weekly Horoscopes this week.  If you enjoyed them, I would ask you to please 12593636_10153207561265706_2984283776448978636_owrite to the editor lydia-at-format.com to tell her you enjoyed them and please spend a few minutes browsing Format Magazine — it’s treasure trove for Creatives.

(I haven’t yet decided what I will be doing with the weeklies — but please check back in after the New Moon next week for further updates.)

Now for the astrology — As I write this the Scorpio Moon is moving to a sextile to Jupiter on Monday evening, after it which goes Void Of Course until Tuesday when it enters Sagittarius.

We’re now past the Last Quarter of the Moon, moving to the Aquarius New Moon and Chinese New Year on Feb. 8, 2016. We have a fairly busy week coming up with lot of plenty of aspects between major planets. Mars sextiles Pluto, Mercury sextiles Chiron and the Sun sextiles Saturn, on Wednesday on Feb. 3, 2016 bringing release, healing and a sense of stabilizing amidst the change.

The energy peaks again as we get to the weekend: Venus conjuncts Pluto on Feb. 5 and squares Uranus on Feb. 6, 2016 among a cluster of other major aspects; including but not only Mercury’s trine to Jupiter on Feb. 6, 2016 and the Sun’s square to Mars on Feb. 7, 2016. Expect this to be a busy weekend bringing major shifts and putting us through the ring of fire in relationships, financial situations, and all matters related to the heart — so we can be transformed.

Also, Mars is in Scorpio now, and enters shadow phase on Feb. 17, 2016 gearing up towards it’s retrograde station on Apr. 17, 2016. After the past two years of the Saturn in Scorpio transit, with Mars in Scorpio, there’s a sense that something within you or your life, that seemed to be dead and gone, is resurrecting and coming back to life. You’ve learned important lessons over the period of Saturn’s transit — move in awareness of those lessons.

I’ll be sending out the Weekly Astrology weather report to subscribers a little later tonight or tomorrow, with a detailed interpretation of all the major aspects this week. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, in your life and the lives of those around you, these are no small changes unfolding; and even the small changes seem to have larger than life implications. If you want to receive the full report in your mail,  sign up here for a One Week Free trial to the service.

I’ll be back with an excerpt from the report tomorrow — so do check back in. For now as you move through this week, remember: we’re at the end of a cycle before we begin a new one. This is a period of deep release, clearing, and letting go, before you can be liberated.

— Priya Kale

I am available for Personal Astrology Consultations on Skype or phone. Please email me to schedule a Consultation or for more information at priya@cosmicdiaries.com. I look forward to working with you! – Priya


Aspects for Week of Feb. 1 – Feb. 8, 2016

Feb  3, 2016     5:53 AM                Mars 16 Scorpio 11 sextile Pluto 16 Capricorn 11
Feb  3, 2016     7:36 AM                Mercury 18 Capricorn 54 sextile Chiron 18 Pisces 54
Feb  3, 2016     1:17 PM                Sun 14 Aquarius 20 sextile Saturn 14 Sagittarius 20

Feb  5, 2016     8:15 PM                Venus 16 Capricorn 15 conjunct Pluto 16 Capricorn 15

Feb  6, 2016    11:39 AM                Sun 17 Aquarius 19 sextile Uranus 17 Aries 19
Feb  6, 2016     1:45 PM                Mercury 21 Capricorn 52 trine Jupiter 21 Virgo 52
Feb  6, 2016     5:03 PM                Venus 17 Capricorn 20 square  Uranus 17 Aries 20
Feb  6, 2016     9:11 PM                Mercury 22 Capricorn 11 trine True Node 22 Virgo 11

Feb  7, 2016     7:08 AM                Sun 18 Aquarius 09 square  Mars 18 Scorpio 09
Feb  7, 2016    10:01 AM                Venus 18 Capricorn 12 sextile Mars 18 Scorpio 12

Feb  8, 2016     4:38 AM                Venus 19 Capricorn 09 sextile Chiron 19 Pisces 09

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