Feel the Heat? Moon conjuncts Mars in Capricorn

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Important Note — The site was hacked yesterday. I’ve managed to get it back online for now after a nail-biting day. This was temporary fix and it still needs work, so I may need to take it offline again for a while. In which case I appreciate your patience as I resolve this issue — I’m working as fast as possible with my service provider, and web developer.

Thanks to this your November Monthly Horoscopes have been delayed, but I’m working on them now and trying my best to have them up tomorrow.

14971878_10205602925152458_723689777_nMeanwhile — we’re moving forward from the Scorpio New Moon entering a new cycle, asking you to let go of perceptions and surrender to the mystery.

Currently, the Moon is in Capricorn moving to a conjunction to Mars early Sunday, before it enters Aquarius at 9:55 AM EDT. Don’t forget to look to the up to the skies, it should be a breathtaking sight.

As above so below, the Moon rules our emotions and Mars is hot, fiery energy — expect to feel the heat. There are deep emotions and passions stirring, surging and welling up, (even through the carefully controlled exterior of Capricorn) reaching a boiling point, before there can be a transformation. Hopefully this isn’t a meltdown. But trust what’s unfolding is what needs to happen so there can be change.

These are Mars’ last days in Capricorn before it ingresses Aquarius, and tonight’s Moon-Mars conjunction is likely to bring deep awareness of desires, motivations, fears, expectations, what you need to do to bring about change, and your power to do it. Once the Moon enters and moves through Aquarius over the next couple of days, a level of detachment is called for.

Nov. 8, 2016 marks election day here — and the skies reflect a coming change. There’s a domino effect unfolding in the days that follow. Mars enters Aquarius on Nov. 9, 2016, followed by Venus’ entry into Capricorn and Mercury’s entry into Sagittarius on Nov. 12, 2016.With personal planets changing signs, expect to feel the shift in a very personal way.

I’ve written about these transits in detail in this months Scorpio New Moon report, below is an excerpt. To receive this report in your email you can sign up here or make a one-time purchase at this link.

I’ll be back with your horoscopes and more astrology soon…

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Scorpio New Moon: Oct. 31 – Nov. 14, 2016 (and beyond)

Excerpt ==

“Life is changing profoundly. With the New Moon’s trine to Neptune, this is very magical, alchemical, seductive, sexual, fertile, and transformative energy. Relationships are deepening — especially those that involve sex and money — with powerful, magnetic, attractions drawing you further into situations, asking for surrender.

“As mystical and magical as this energy is, it could be equally slippery, insidious and even dangerous. It’s important you are clear and stay anchored in your values, so you aren’t swept away in the undercurrent or find yourself in too deep, or in murky waters.

“Trust your intuition, avoid compromising your values and be conscious of your attachments, desires — especially to sex and money which could suck you into the illusion, draining your energy, time, money and resources — then you can consciously navigate your way forward.

“Scorpio is a water sign; this is deeply penetrative energy. Like water it can seep through the cracks to reach the deepest crevices of the earth and reality. Your intuition is running strong allowing you to penetrate through the veil to the reality of a situation. But avoid any temptation to manipulate or control a situation — which will ultimately be self-destructive. Your real strength and power, lies in your ability to be vulnerable, flexible, yet wise and smart.”

“Scorpio represents that which we must face; it is a rite of passage, and the only way out is through. The key to getting what you want with Scorpio, especially as Mars ingresses Aquarius, is detachment. It’s about deep acceptance and surrender in the present moment — that’s where you will find your power to make what needs to happen, happen.” — Priya Kale, Scorpio New Moon report, Oct. 31 – Nov. 14, 2016


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