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Happy Monday everyone…

We’re leading up to a rather heavenly Virgo Full Moon at the end of the week.

At the time of the this Full Moon, the Sun will be in exact conjunction to Jupiter in Pisces. Also just a day before the lunation, Mercury conjuncts Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius; this triple conjunction in turn opposes Vesta and sextiles the Galactic Center. Full Moons always mark a peak in the energy.

But when the rest of the stars (planets) align in precision, that’s when we get that feeling of being in the right place at the right time — when things just flow. This has the potential to be one of those weeks. There are plenty of pleasures and treasures to be found and it’s bound to get dreamy. But the depth of our experience will depend on our willingness to take a leap of faith.

As the week begins, it may feel like a struggle to just keep one’s head above water. Over the weekend the Pisces Sun made quincunxes to Mars in Leo and Saturn in Libra forming a ‘Finger of God’ or Yod configuration. As the name suggests, this aspect is said to carry a ‘fated’ feeling of destiny.

In this configuration the energy is “nozzled” out through the planet making the quincunxes — in this case the Pisces Sun. It may have felt like being squeezed for every drop of faith in a situation. On the one hand the Mars in Leo is testing the ego and patience, while Saturn in Libra is asking for balance and fairness, rather than a quick easy solution.

To me, the question currently seems to be “What would the divine in me do?” Who are you beyond your name, occupation, family, friends and all your earthly, mental and emotional possessions? Consciously dive in to discover the essence of your soul. The Sun in Pisces is a reminder of our divinity in flesh. Our actions, indeed our “being” has a ripple effect, in ways seen and unseen; we attract into our world what we put out.

In major aspects today, Venus squares the Great Attractor; but with Moon in Gemini it sweeps through to form a T-square with Venus at the apex.  The energy is ripe to deepen spiritual, emotional and intimate connections, with delicious opportunities to swirl in ecstasy and inspiration. But if we aren’t careful this could lead to a lot of confusion, denial and projection, when what we seek is clarity. Look to the heart for wisdom, rather than try to emotionally or mentally analyze a situation. There is a creative solution waiting to emerge.

The Great Attractor in Sagittarius can tend to polarize situations with ‘truth’ that is too large for the mind to comprehend. With Venus in Pisces we are being asked to see, feel and listen with heart. Pour your energy into something you love. Intelligence is of the mind, but wisdom comes from the heart. Compassion arises, when pain and passion merge into ONE. Especially when it comes to relationships, we could be about to reach a divine understanding of the “suchness” of things. Chase the muse and feel the love…

Love and Passion,



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