Fire of the Gods…: Sun reaches Equinox; International Astrology Day; Mars conjunct Uranus; Libra Full Moon…


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Happy astrological new year!

Can you feel the heat? There is a sense of urgency building where just a few days ago, things seemed to be floating along. Mercury is now direct in Pisces and the planets in Pisces are now making their way into Aries.

We are now moving through the last few hours of the Sun in Pisces. The Sun ingresses Aries today, in a few hours, on March 20, 2013 marking the Equinox and the new astrological year.

Today is also observed as International Astrology Day — a great day to explore this ancient mystical science. Astrology is an incredible tool for self-awareness, which we could all use a good dose of this week.

On Friday as Mars conjuncts Uranus, (triggering the Uranus-Pluto square) expect the unexpected. This could be like a wildfire out of control if we aren’t conscious. We are also moving towards a Libra Full Moon on March 27, 2013, and with Venus and Mars active and in close proximity, relationships and financial situations are a hot topic; ripe and ready for a breakthrough. Look back to what began to unfold at the time of the Pisces New Moon, things are taking on a new life now.

Emotions are running high and it could be easy to explode in anger which has been simmering for a while. If you feel yourself losing control remember to take a deep breath and count to ten before you say something or react impulsively, self-destructively out of fear or panic. Also if someone else seems to be losing their head, you don’t have to respond in like and perpetuate a situation. Take things with a grain of salt, and you can make wise choices that lead to a breakthrough rather than a breakdown.

Aries and Mars are pure fire energy, in conjunction to Uranus this is pure Promethean energy offering us the ‘fire of the Gods.’ But this needs to be handled carefully or we could burn the house down. Or as the Tao Te Ching says, “When you handle the master carpenter’s tools, chances are that you’ll cut yourself.”

At the time of the Full Moon, the Sun and Venus will be in conjunction, approaching a conjunction to Uranus and Mars. Acknowledge your fears as well as desires and the passion or love you feel. But let go of expectations or trying to control a situation. Then you can find a way to express your emotions or channel them consciously. And there maybe a few unexpected passionate declarations of love, so brace yourself this energy isn’t for the faint hearted and we’re in for a ride.

Mars also squares Pluto and sextiles to Jupiter on March 25, 2013, the day Venus moves into Aries. Whatever is unfolding now there is a bright side; and the more optimistic we can be, we can find a way forward that is better than what we hoped for. So be spontaneous and stay open to the serendipitous opportunities now arising. The more you can move in awareness, this can be a liberating experience allowing you to respond authentically and reach a breakthrough with a situation that has long had you in it’s grip.

And really this is about an inner resolution. Keep a grip inside, rather than try to control things externally, then you can unleash your passion and be the force of change you want to see in the world.  Especially as we move through these last few hours and days of the Sun and Venus in Pisces, the moment before the unmanifest becomes manifest… It is from nothingness, that all of creation was born.

Above all remember, this week and as you move towards the Full Moon in Libra (the sign of peace, karma, love, truth, justice and relationships): “Make love, not war…”

With Love and Passion,



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