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“Sing me the truth, sweet bird of youth

I got some trouble tryin’ to understand

Beneath the veils of mystery

Are these the movements of an unseen hand”

— David Gray, Last Boat to America



Happy Halloween,

The planets are surely setting the stage for mystery and adventure this weekend. The Moon is now in early Leo and will remain in the sign through the weekend until late Sunday night in NYC.

As I write this, the Moon has just passed a fiery, passionate trine to Mars in Sagittarius. Early Saturday in NYC, the Leo Moon squares the Sun-Venus conjunction, reaching its Last Quarter phase over the weekend. This is bringing us to a turning point within the events of the last Full Moon as we head toward the Scorpio New Moon next week.

Venus sextiles the North Node on Saturday, suggesting a greater plan in motion. Also, as the Moon sextiles Saturn, there can be an understanding and balance found within relationships.

The Leo Moon, coupled with all the energy in Scorpio, is igniting (in many cases re-igniting) deep passion and definitely is not for the faint-hearted.

Watch for pride, jealousy, defensiveness and the Ego that ultimately becomes a barrier between us and our desires and our ability to receive love, affection, abundance or to reach for the success that we need.

With Venus retrograde, look at where you may be suppressing true feelings or core sexual or creative power for fear of rejection, or perhaps fear of losing control. What (not who) needs to be let go of inside you to allow for resurrection within your own heart? The Moon suggests we stay in the “now.”

We are at the end of the Moon cycle, suggesting that there is a deep emptying-out in effect. Go within to find confidence, and don’t be afraid to let your inner radiance shine. Magnetism works better than control.  Acknowledge your desires, be honest with yourself, and then surrender.

Also on Sunday and in powerful aspect, Uranus in Pisces sesquiquadrates Vesta in Scorpio. This could manifest in infinite ways and with Uranus, it’s probably the one thing you never expected. There may be surprise developments that bring a flood of emotion, perhaps sudden inspiration leading to a creative breakthrough, or even an opportunity for deep sexual healing and release. Go with the flow; there is something rather sacred and divine awakening.

When one begins to follow planetary cycles and rhythms, it’s obviously apparent that the only constant in life is change. But it is also true that in essence, nothing changes. As Scorpio reminds us, appearance and form on the outside may transform, but the core is eternal and indestructible. Life indeed is a journey of evolution.

Be open to magic and dare to follow your heart. As Albert Einstein once said, “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious…”

With Love and Passion,



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