Happy Mother’s Day | Sun conjunct Jupiter | Special Offer on Chart Readings

A very Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and all Moms out there!

One’s relationship with one’s mother is a bond that is unique and palpable. Our time in the womb forms the underlying map of our physical, emotional, biological makeup — depending on the mother’s emotional, psychological and physical health.

But motherhood goes beyond just biology — the nurturing, love, caring or lack of in one’s formative years also form the foundation for security in ones life. Ultimately what a child needs is not fancy toys or gadgets, but love. Love is force that sustains this eternal bond.

When looking through the lens of Astrology, the Moon and its placement in the natal chart is a hugely revealing factor in experiences of and relationship with one’s mother, one’s emotional makeup, sense of security and nourishment one received as a child.

Personally, I have my Moon in Taurus conjunct Mercury and Chiron in my 6th House. One of the earliest memories I have of my mother goes back to as early as when I was about 6 months to a year old. I was born knock-kneed and my mother used to massage my legs from the time of my birth up to about 2-3 years of age with Cod liver oil to help strengthen and straighten my bones.

It’s fascinating to relate this with my astrology: the 6th house themes of healing, Taurus represents the body, Chiron the legs, Moon and Mercury – my memory of mother. My mother herself has a Virgo Moon with Uranus in Cancer: she is an out-of-this world cook and its all about a clean kitchen and eating healthy. And of course that’s just a couple of examples, but I can honestly say I owe my health to her.

Where is your Moon in your chart? What sign is it in? And what house is it placed in? Does it make any major aspects to planets? And what stories does it reflect in your life with your earliest imprints of nurturing? Answer these questions and you can begin to weave together a deeper awareness of yourself and your inner most psyche. Or you you can contact me for a Chart Reading as a gift for yourself, your Mom, or someone you love.

(To celebrate the occasion I’m offering a Mother’s Day special offer on Chart Readings for $125 if you book by May 13, 2012 or $150 if you book on or by May 16, 2012. See bottom of this post or this link for payment details.)

And speaking of the Moon, we are currently at its Last Quarter Phase. The Moon is in Aquarius exactly square the Taurus as I write this; just one week away from the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini which will be conjunct the South Node.

People with the Moon conjunct South Node in their chart are generally very deeply attached and karmically linked with their mother. It will be no different for children born during the time of this Eclipse. And with the Gemini Eclipse in a square to Neptune and there can be a deep psychic bond that is shared between mother and child. Mother’s-to-be can just remember to keep clarity on their beliefs and perceptions which will influence their child’s view of the world.

Even for the rest of us, this being the week before the Eclipse especially with the aspects surrounding it now is a time to go deeper to cleanse oneself of false beliefs, fantasies and perception, to gain clarity on a more abundant, reality and truth staring us in the face.

The Sun conjuncts Jupiter tomorrow on Mother’s Day, May 13, 2012. This is certainly a time to give thanks to our mother’s whether here in the flesh or in spirit, for providing us with nourishment but also to make peace with, forgive and heal any wounding. It is also maybe a great day to give thanks to ‘Mother Earth’ and celebrate your appreciation in someway.

Tomorrow could bring opportunities for indulgence, perhaps even extravagance on some scale. Or it may just be an experience of how good life can feel if we really stop to be in the present moment and engage all our senses. If you have the chance get outdoors tomorrow or spend sometime in nature grounding yourself. Or take the time to eat, drink and enjoy good times with good company, family and or with good friends. Pleasure is the word for the day, but it is also teaching us we can take pleasure in all things great and small — not just today but everyday.

Taurus is known for its hedonistic tendencies and Jupiter tends to magnify things. So its really up to you to know when you may have had too much of a good thing. (But then again you you only live once!) Choose your experiences wisely. And you can gain so much more than just sensual pleasure but a deeper sense of gratitude for this life in the flesh and its precious transient moments.

But then we have Venus (ruler of Taurus) coming to a halt before she stations retrograde tomorrow. Venus is the ruler of Taurus and in Gemini, in spite of all the opportunities there may be a sense of feeling divided which can take away from our ability to enjoy reality in the present.

Where you have faith, luck is on your side. Its not about blind optimism, although right now even that could work minor miracles. Anything is possible when you think it is possible. And the Sun-Jupiter conjunction strongly suggests the resources we need are present. We just need to have faith as we explore and reconsider options, to gain a new perspective on an ongoing situation which may hold the key.

— Priya Kale, May 12, 2012


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