Happy Hanukkah, Happy Thanksgiving & New Hope…: Venus opposite Jupiter, Sagittarius New Moon


Sample Weekly Horoscopes: Week beginning Nov. 27, 2013


Happy Hanukkah and Thanksgiving all!

It’s Hanukkah and Thanksgiving weekend here in the US and I’m in New Hope, PA about to begin celebrating the evening with friends.

But before I do, I thought I’d take a moment here to express my gratitude for this life I’ve been given, my family who loves me unconditionally, my friends who have been like a family to me, for “strangers” who’ve been nothing less than God’s gift, being there for me, when even friends and family couldn’t, and above all God who is there when no one else is.

And last but certainly not least, I’m grateful for you, reading these words. Of all the websites in all the world, thank you for stopping here, being a part of my journey…

Also, while I’m here a quick check in with the astrology, which couldn’t be more divinely aligned for the day. The Moon is in Libra with Mercury in a trine to Jupiter and sextile to Venus, while Venus opposes Jupiter. In plain English, it’s likely to be a rather social time, with the planets aligned for indulgences — good food, drink, laughter and cheer.

But on a more serious note, the planets also suggest the potential for deep communication bringing transformation. Things could get emotional as well, and there may well be a wave of nostalgia sweeping through.

Also, we’re moving towards the Sagittarius New Moon on Dec. 2, 2013. Even if it feels like an ebbing away of faith as the Moon disappears this is the time to seek inner wisdom. Sagittarius is the sign of “hope” and, it isn’t lost on me that on the eve of this lunation, I’m celebrating Thanksgiving here in a town called ‘New Hope.’

There is indeed new hope and new dawn on the horizon. And with Venus in opposition to (retrograde) Jupiter today, this is a reminder that it all begins with being grateful for all you’ve already been given.

Or as the Beatles sang, “And in the end the love you make, is equal to the love you take…”

I’ll be back with more Astrology at the New Moon, but in the meanwhile you can read your horoscopes below. And, given it’s Thanksgiving weekend, here is a special discount on Astrology Consultations and Tarot readings if purchased by tomorrow Friday, Nov. 29, 2013.

And last but not least again — I’m very excited to announce and start accepting admissions for my first online Astrology workshop. I’ve been working out the details, planning this course, for years now — and the time has finally come! So please look for more details on that around the New Moon.

Love and gratitude,




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