Horizons of hope… Sagittarius Moon

For the past couple of days the Scorpio Moon has been taking us deep into the mystery of our own darker emotions and obsessions. Now with the Moon in Sagittarius there is fresh hope on the horizon, depending on how much we’ve managed to release.

There are no major aspects taking place today but we can expect a few surprise developments this week. This is the last week of the Sun in soulful Pisces as it moves into Aries on Friday. Meanwhile Mars is now in Pisces and moves towards a powerful sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, exact later this week. Here is an aspect suggesting we could like resurrect something like magic giving it a new life and incarnation if we are willing to evolve with a situation.

Also this week Mercury will conjunct Uranus and oppose Saturn, taking us past the mental, critical barriers that prevent us from seeing and experiencing the infinite possibilities. Make the effort this week to overcome critical tendencies for a higher inspiration to trickle through.

Its been an intense couple of days personally as well and each day that goes by I am awakened more to the power of astrology as a tool for awareness. We may never be able to control the external world or what life throws at us. But in understanding our own chart, we can master our own energy and thus recognize our inherent oneness with the Universe. Which then becomes an interaction with one’s own mirror, breathing love and compassion into every experience.

On another note — I was to be flying back to NYC tonight but I decided to extend my stay another week and will be back in NYC on the 24th. No matter how long I stay its never enough, but all good things must end. Although I have to admit I have gotten infinitely better at living in the moment and squeezing it for every drop of joy and love that it’s worth.

Also look for my daily horoscopes this week, on Mar. 20, 2009 on Yasmin Boland’s site www.moonology.com as well as Yahoo Australia! The Weekly Horoscopes are an extended version of this forecast which are now available on the site for download.

— Priya Kale, Mumbai


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