Sagittarius New Moon, global terror

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Sagittarius New Moon, Nov. 27, 2008


At 11:54 PM EST, Nov. 27, 2008 today we had an exact conjunction of the Sun and Moon at 5+ degrees Sagittarius. Mercury and Mars form a close conjunction to the lunation at 6+ and 8+ degrees Sagittarius respectively. Pluto has now entered Capricorn and Uranus has stationed direct in Pisces. Sagittarius is the sign of flight and now all the outer planets are in direct motion. As I said to my friend Kevin the day the Moon was waning in Scorpio, ‘we are in for a load of fireworks this December so I would say get ready for take off.’

For all the chaos on the world stage, this is heralding a new dawn I assure you. Pluto is now out of Sagittarius having made a clean sweep of the sign, taking us to the very edge of destruction, death in the name of ‘God.’ A New Moon in this sign marking the start of a powerful new cycle, setting the stage for the coming era of Pluto in Capricorn in our peronal as well as collective lives. People have had enough of religious extremism and enough is enough. The recent terrorism attacks in Mumbai though seem to be the beginning of the end of this fanatical bloodshed.

Nothing in this world is a coincidence and if we look at it through the lens of astrology we see very clear symbolism. Here is a country that has a profound spiritual legacy and roots. Mysticsm is an accepted part of a culture that you are born into. It is also the largest democracy in the world, with 1.2 billion people and home to almost every major religion of the world. In spite of the recent growing religious riots and fanaticism it is largely a country of extremely religiously tolerant people. Let’s not also forget India, was ruled by the British Raj for over 200 years. When the British left India — they divided a great nation into two warring halves in the name of religion — India and Pakistan.

It’s no mistake then that the this era of Pluto in Capricorn of religious war should end in a violent bloodshed, on the soil of a country who is no stranger to invasions, religious or otherwise. The Hindus of India have been invaded for centuries by all kinds of civilizations and societies, from the Aryans, to the Mughals, Alexander the Great (who could not conquer India,) Portuguese, Persians and the most recently the British. Each time people have assimilated or left defeated. That is the nature of the people, they assimilate. India seems to be being asked to bear this one last burden for humanity, as countless others all over the world have before. This is the chance for secularism to speak its truth by example.

This will no doubt need to be handled carefully, but from what I surmise Mumbaikars are not happy with the politicians. I saw a prominent Mumbai writer and columnist Shobha De being interviewed on TV expressing the citizens of Mumbai’s dissatisfaction with the government, as she called on the people of the city to unite. She ‘demanded’ that the politicians stay out of the city, as the city is a war zone and needs the army to protect the citizens; of which they have thus far done a splendid job. In her speech it was clear the tone of the city of 19 million was ‘firm’ and meant business.

We are about to see the shades of Pluto in Capricorn color our world. How do governments protect their people, or do they? Or is it like Shobha De said — millions of rupees go into security for politicians and what about the civilians. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn — this is also about infrastructure; does the government in India or any country have the means to protect its people? And what price will the citizens pay for the price of high walled security. Are we about to become prisoners in our own home or is the message of freedom stronger?

India is no stranger to terrorism and neither is Mumbai, but this was a very deliberately master minded attack to make a global impact. It may have been made to appear like it was an inexpensive one; one that could have been carried out by a minor terrorist group with little funding. But for a handful of terrorist to know exactly how to find the head of ATS (anti-terrorist squad) Inspector Karkare seems a little unlikely. These weren’t random ‘suicide bombers;’ they came at night so they create a hostage situation when guests would be in their rooms. targetting luxury hotels, they knew they would have American and British nationals; the attack on the Jewish center with the Israeli hostages is no coincidence either.

Also reports say the attacks were carried out in the style of the terrorist attacks that have carried on in Kashmir, the north Indian state currently occupied by Pakistani terrorists — Lashkar e Taiba. Although we yet don’t have a confirmation on this news this is the organization responsible for the first bombings in Mumbai on Mar. 12, 1993. This is one of the largest and most active Islamist terrorist organizations in South Asia currently based near Lahore, Pakistan and operates several militant training camps in Pakistan-administered Kashmir. This is also an organization with deep ties to underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, the one man with kind of connections needed to pull something like this off given his long history with the city of Mumbai.

If we look at his birth chart using Wiki sources, a couple of striking observations suggest we may have a not so unlikely suspect. The connections between Dawood Ibrahim’s chart and the charts of India’s independence, progressions and the chart for the attacks, are stark and dark. His Neptune at 00 degrees Scorpio is currently conjunct India’s recently progressed Moon at 00 Scorpio. Here is a slippery enemy, who works in the shadows while spreading his deep poison. His Saturn at 28 Scorpio is conjuncts the 27 degree Scorpio Moon for the chart at the time of the siege began. India has been gathering information first hand on the terrorist organizations in the region for many years, given the ongoing threat and violence. Up until now, the international community has largely only wanted to keep the hostilities in the region on the low without really recognizing the severity of the situation. Personally I feel, the terrorists picked the wrong place and the wrong time.

Sagittarius is the sign of spirituality and God and Pluto is the hand that delivers us to him. Although at times dark and heavy, it asks for a surrender so it can take us to the light. In this case a higher wisdom of doing things, of reaching across borders as one world. The New Moon speaks of faith, optimism and a higher wisdom. Things can be done differently this time, with greater international collaboration and sharing of intelligence and information. But all eyes are open now. On a very real level, I see this as huge potential for the world to take a united front against violence in the name of religion — this is Pluto’s dark gift and make no mistake about it there is a phoenix rising from the ashes of the fire raging in India. Pluto is now in Capricorn, this is clearly a sign that the government is about to start taking control. Our responsibility and duty is to not let this escalate into a religious war anymore, what is clearly going to be revealed to be a deep dark spiral of political corruption on both sides of governments. Death knows no color, no boundaries, no nationality and certainly no religion.

Uranus stations direct at this powerful time – saying “wake up.” In Pisces the sign of cosmic consciousness as well as the sign that know no boundaries, where we experience oneness. Uranus is the revolutionary, we’ve already seen this begin to happen right here in America when Barack Obama became President Elect. We are hot on the heels of change; the crisis in India is only setting the stage for the evolution of the world.


On a personal level, (which truly at this point seems hard to separate from the collective) a higher truth is emerging. With Mercury and Mars so closely conjunct the lunation, this could be a spark of creative inspiration and there . There seems to be a greater connection to the ‘other’ side with all the activity in Sagittarius. This is also a time for faith and optimism of finding the true essence of our lives as we live in this ever changing world. It’s time to find purpose.

Sagittarius rules the 9th house and the higher mind, of higher learning and studies, our highest ideals and aspirations, of travel to foreign lands and gaining a wider perspective. Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius is now in the sign of Capricorn, in a solid trine to Saturn in Virgo suggesting much a sturdy launch pad for our aspirations. Venus is now about to make a conjunction to Jupiter suggesting monetary or tangible success is possible where we’ve been making steady effort toward achieving our goals. There may also be a greater desire to spend so watch that wallet if you’re on a budget, but the trine to Saturn suggest wise investments can only benefit.

Within personal relationships, the earthy conjunction is grounding the fiery energy. Also Uranus stations direct suggesting we could see sudden turns in emotions. If we are willing to push through our own emotional walls we could experience the greater freedom we seek. Venus and Jupiter sextiling Uranus suggests wet and clay like earthy passionate energy we could now find greater intimacy based on something real. This is also a very creative aspect giving us the power to access the intangible cosmic ocean and convert it into a material manifested form.

Honest conversations can now take place where the recent Scorpio energy had things under wraps. Just remember there is always room for everyone one’s truth.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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