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It’s been a wildly mysterious weekend, to say the least, with the Moon, Mars and Venus in Scorpio. Bittersweet is definitely the flavor of the season.

If Venus in Scorpio were a flavor, it would be like dark liqueur chocolate, intoxicating and bittersweet. If this energy were a colour, to me it would look like an iridescent ultra-violet; she can be a bitch, lover, child, mother, sinner and saint. And with Venus retrograde, we’re discovering these infinite shades within.

Mars, also in Scorpio, is inflaming emotions. But don’t be afraid to make love and become intimate with the darker aspects of your being (and your relationships).

There is an increased opportunity for transendence, but unless we acknowledge and are aware of our energy — all of it, the good and ugly — we cannot control or have any power over it.

The Moon is now in Sagittarius, bringing fresh hope and perspective. By the end of the week, the Sun and Mercury meet in a conjunction in Libra, bringing us to important understandings with others and in relationships. I’ll have more to say about that in the days to come.

For now – here is a link to a set of discourses by Osho called “A Man Who Loved SeaGulls.” Take an hour out of your life and listen, if you can.

Also here is a link to this week’s Podcast with Scott on the BSFollmer Show. I talk about the astrology for the week in the first few minutes. Then we talked about Scott’s chart and paranormal experiences, with me recounting dreams of my grandfather. A fun show as always, so listen for a bit or for a while, as long as you enjoy it!

I’ll be back with weekly horoscopes later in the day. In the meanwhile, you can reach me for Consultations at

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