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Important Note July 5, 2014:

I will be doing Tarot readings at the Woodstock Flea Market today Saturday July 5, 2014 in Woodstock, NY. Come find me at the Dillidalier booth and I hope to see you there!

Note for 2015 Horoscopes – If you’ve purchased your horoscopes, look for an email update from me tomorrow.

July 2014 Cosmic Weather

(Below is an excerpt from the (approx 3000 word) July monthly report sent out to subscribers. Sign up here for a One Week Free Trial to receive full report in your email.)

An Excerpt ==

“So here we are in July, ushering us into a whole new world and landscape.

“We’ve been through an eight month long transit of Mars in Libra, as the Grand Cross peaked in the sky. This month, Mars enters Scorpio, Jupiter enters Leo, the Grand Cross begins to dissipate bringing a welcome change and a real feeling of progress setting us on a new adventure, opening new doors and opportunities. And the coming year with Jupiter in Leo promises to be a wild ride.

“July begins with Mercury stationing direct on the heels of the Cancer New Moon on June 27, 2014. This New Moon was trine Neptune and with Mercury now direct, offering opportunity now to wipe the slate clean, make a fresh start. And there is a sense that no matter how rocky things have been, as we move into this new cycle, things can start sailing smoothly, if we allow them to rather than wrestle with the changes.

“Especially where communication has taken a backward turn, or reached a standstill, there’s more to something than meets the eye. As Mercury gains momentum and clears it’s final shadow on July 18, 2014, you can expect information to start surfacing and things to start flowing again. Through this time, keep open your channels of communication and you can reach a deeper understanding of a situation.

“Early in the month, Cancer Sun opposes Pluto on July 4, and squares Uranus on July 8, 2014 making its way through the Grand Cross for the final time bringing home the lessons of the past few years and certainly the past few seasons, months and weeks. And you can consider these first two weeks of July — the final push, labor pains, before you birth yourself a new life and into a world. On July 9, 2014 the Sun also trines Uranus and Chiron — completing the Grand Water Trine, again suggesting there is deep transformation and healing on offer as we move to the Full Moon.

“The Capricorn Full Moon occurs on July 12, 2014 at 20+degrees of Cancer – Capricorn axis, bringing to a culmination events that began with the Cancer New Moon and more significantly signaling the culmination of a long process of transformation and we’ve been in over the past at least eight months.

“There is deep transformation in effect now: there may even be darker emotions, hidden realities and buried secrets surfacing now, as the Moon moves over Pluto before making an opposition to the Sun. Relationships and financial situations are certainly highlighted at this time with Venus in a trine to Mars in Libra.

“This is likely to be a rather emotional time, calling for a level of maturity. There can be a tendency to compartmentalize emotions if it all gets too overwhelming. But as long as you are not suppressing emotions and in no denial, you can work with this energy constructively, consciously releasing emotional baggage so move forward with a clean slate.” — July 2014 Cosmic Weather by Priya Kale. Read Full Report.



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