June 2015 Monthly Horoscopes (Sample)


Cosmic Diaries: Sample June 2015 Monthly Horoscopes

— by Priya Kale

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Aries. Illustration by Arun Kale ARIES

“As the month begins, you might not be sure what or whom to believe. But it really doesn’t matter what you believe, belief has very little to do with reality. Reality encompasses the whole — the good and the bad. And if you’re only seeking the positive, you’re in danger of consciously or unconsciously denying half of reality. Let your quest this month be one of truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…” Read Full Horoscope



“No matter what seems urgent now, on a deeper level this about you finding your inner confidence, sense of belonging and feeling at home in your own skin — beyond the physical walls. You have more choices than you think, and are worth twice as much as you realise. And by the end of the month you’re learning just how loved, protected, safe and indeed fortunate you are; liberating you from deep subconscious fears that have prevented you from shining your full light…”Read Full Horoscope

GEMINI — “Every end is a new beginning and this is your chance to go deep and re-evaluate your life before you start over with a clean slate. Who are you? Who are you becoming? Dare to think big, be bold, creative, use your imagination and keep an open mind. Especially in a conversation you have at the end of the month, if you let go of expectations you could be more than pleasantly surprised…” Read Full Horoscope.


“You’ve been battling deep doubts, or perhaps there are secret desires and fears, that you’d dare not reveal. There are also messages coming through your dreams, intuition and you’re becoming conscious of your subconscious thought processes that motivate your choices. Be honest with yourself about what matters most to you in your heart and brings you the greatest joy, so you can immerse yourself in it more deeply to create a life that you yearn for…” Read Full Horoscope.


“Do you know who your friends are? You can’t believe everything you hear, so don’t be too quick to judge anyone or anything. Pay attention to peoples actions rather than words, then you will know who truly has your back. There’s more to a story and more information surfacing that could show you the greater potential in something. Dare to be yourself and let go of expectations. As you will see you are indeed larger than life and your light shines wider and further than you realise…” Read Full Horoscope.


“You’re in the spotlight now and a professional situation is heating up. You have huge choices to make, that will undoubtedly change the course of your life. Consciously let go of ideas, beliefs (especially your darker thoughts,) and recognise the power of your perceptions to create your reality. You’re more blessed, gifted and have more to offer the world than you realise — and it won’t be long before you get the true respect and recognition you deserve…” Read Full Horoscope.



” Socially you’re in demand and you’re closer than you realise to the the fulfillment of a grand hope. As they say, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. All that glitters isn’t gold and it would help to get to know someone better or explore an opportunity deeper before you dive in. Whatever it is you hope for, just let go of expectations for where or whom, it/help comes from. Then prepare to be surprised and be open to receive…” Read Full Horoscope.



“You’re being noticed, and professionally there are opportunities arising that could allow you to make your mark on the world like few other times in your life. But all the success in the world would be hollow if it didn’t mean something to you and didn’t allow you to manifest your greatest potential. So what do you most hope for? You can only fail if you never try. Be bold, confident, dare to think big and go for gold. Then you can manifest the kind of success that not only makes the world sit up and take notice, but that you can truly feel proud of…” Read Full Horoscope.



“Saturn has been in your sign for the past six months, asking you to grow up and take responsibility for your life — past, present and future. So do you like where you’re headed? Have you been feeling empowered by this or overwhelmed and under pressure? The Gods and powers that be are smiling down on you now and you are free to choose the road you want to travel down. Make choices in faith rather than fear; reach for your most optimistic vision. No matter how challenging a situation as been,  this is your journey to the top…” Read Full Horoscope.




“”The past six months have taken you on a soul search, bringing you a glimpse into the coming chapter of your life over the next two years. This has likely been a deeply introspective phase, and you’re in the process of shaping and incubating a vision, that is your life’s work and mission. Get clear on your priorities then you can make clear conscious choices that align you with your soul purpose, so you can live a life of deeper meaning that gives to you as much as you give to it…” Read Full Horoscope.



You’re on a voyage of self-discovery this month, asking you to be very honest with yourself about your desires — both personally and professionally. You are creating your life in every moment with every choice you make. No matter what the past has been like, be true to who you are today and recognise every moment is a chance to live, love, laugh, create and choose again. Make your choices in love, let go of expectations and prepare to be more than pleasantly surprised as you realize just how loved and supported you are…” Read Full Horoscope.

Pisces. Illustration by Arun Kale.

There’s a lot of activity in your home sector this month, and you’re likely feeling the heat in a domestic situation, or living arrangement. As on edge as you may feel, be in no denial and don’t be afraid to confront the past honestly. All the success in the world would be hollow if you didn’t have people you loved to share it with. There’s deep healing on offer for you and the more selfless you are in your efforts the greater will be your sense of accomplishment where it matters the most. The joy of giving is the greatest gift you will ever experience…” Read Full Horoscope.



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