Jupiter conjuncts Juno and the North Node

As I write this Moon is in Virgo, coming down from the recent Leo Lunar Eclipse. With Chiron in conjunction to the Sun and opposite the Full Moon this has likely been a heavy and difficult lunation some. On the one hand this could be a euphoric feeling of creative liberation; or perhaps you’ve been dealing with more chaotic feelings related to isolation and fear. No matter how estranged or disconnected you feel, all it may mean is reaching out to someone; or it perhaps you could to reach out to someone who you know needs a friend. Help is at hand if we can have faith in humanity.

With Chiron the message is always one of awareness and as a wise angel once said to me “Awareness is sometimes painful, but always bold;” and the Leo Moon asks for just that — boldness. This wisdom also came to me from the same person who taught me “Courage comes after fear.” With the Moon in Virgo approaching a conjunction to Saturn remember not to be too hard or critical on yourself. Worry does nothing. Nothing at all. The time would be better spent in dealing with and healing those wounds, by not denying them in the first place.

On Wednesday Jupiter meets in a triple conjunction with Juno and the North Node in Aquarius, with Mars close behind; and on Thursday the Sun and Neptune will conjunct in the sign. Again the best thing we can right now is be extremely honest with ourselves and the people in our life.  Juno mythologically was the wife of Jupiter and the conjunction on the North Node seems to be an extremely powerful factor within relationships. Theirs was deeply tumultuous relationship, yet theirs was a divine sacred marriage filled with deep love. No doubt the relationship/s in our lives are taking us far into the future.

In Aquarius we may be dealing with issues surrounding freedom, space, honesty and boundaries. But remember when it comes to certain relationships that are fated — as the North Node suggests, there are bigger lessons we are learning than just our personal needs and wants. This is about learning to co-exist in spiritual harmony, where space need not mean emotional detachment. This is not just about the meeting of minds and hearts, this is a meeting of souls and consciousness.  Above all what need now is faith; the willingness to speak truth and give another the same space to be heard.

On Thursday the Sun and Neptune form a conjunction also in Aquarius bringing more soul truths or perhaps lies to the surface. It may be a little confusing at this time given the almost frenzied energy to find stillness. But do all you can to if not clear then at least ignore the mind. Deeper reflection is what is likely to bring clarity at this time. Be very sure to ask yourself if you are in denial of anything especially regarding the company you keep. Seek that in your life which fills you with hope in your soul. I know things aren’t the easiest out there for many in this recession but focusing on what is lost is not going to bring you any closer to focusing your energy on where it needs to be at this time.

On another note — it feels great to be back in Mumbai. No matter how long its been nothing feels as good as that familiar stretch all the way to Mt. Mount Mary Church footsteps — home. I arrived late last night and today was the opening of my mother’s [Anjalee Kale] art exhibition at the Nehru Art Center. If anyone happens to be in Mumbai right now, the artwork (acrylics paints on hand carved wood canvas’) will be on display until the 16th of February and of course you’d find me around somewhere too.  No words can do justice so I will not even try, but I will post pictures soon (although I don’t think the photographs do rightful justice either.) For now all I can say is it’s simply d i v i n e.

More soon…

Priya Kale, Mumbai

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