Jupiter opposite Saturn, Sun square Pluto: Live and Learn…

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Jupiter is minutes away from its opposition to Saturn – a once in a decade aspect, making it a rather significant one.

Saturn is retrograde in Libra and the pressure has been building for a while now within relationships, asking us to find balance and healthy boundaries within relationship. But we can’t expect to balance anything externally with another, if we are feeling imbalanced internally.

Jupiter is in Aries asking for wisdom, generosity and a greater awareness of ones self, desires and fears (especially those to do with abandonment.) There is a line being drawn between the past and the future.

Respect yourself, but don’t take yourself too seriously; as the aspect wanes, so will the pressure. Relationships are a fine balancing act. Be wise, learn to give and compromise. There is more to gain than anything you fear losing.

Also today the Aries Sun squares Pluto in Capricorn. Rather than try to judge, control, manipulate a situation, it would be wise to mind your own business.

It’s easy to tell others what they should do, but change always comes from inside out. There is internal conditioning to break through. But this is due to be a major turning point bringing realization of inner power, leading to a natural external transformation of circumstances.

This is a return to innocence, asking us to let go of old baggage without letting go of the wisdom that can only come with experience. Then it’s a matter of internalizing, integrating and applying this knowledge within our interactions.

The only power we have is the power of choice, in the space between action and reaction [the law of Karma as represented both by Saturn and Libra.] Learn from your mistakes or what you perceive to be mistakes, but let go of the guilt.

Then we can respond rather than react, honestly in the present to whatever the Universe throws our way, (whatever form it takes) without being haunted by the past.

The energy is hot with all the planets stacking up in Aries, with Mercury stationing retrograde and a New Moon in the sign.

We live, we learn. And when we know better we do better.

— Priya Kale, Mumbai, Mar. 28, 2011


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