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Dear Friends,

We are now moving through the last few days of the Sun in Aquarius, an influence that is bringing collective efforts and team dynamics in the spotlight. When any planet moves towards the end of the sign, we feel the energy of the sign rather potently. It’s like the planet has gathered momentum and like a sponge soaked in all lessons of the sign as it reaches the final degrees.

Of all the planets in the zodiac we feel the energy of the Sun most significantly — it is after all our only and primary natural source of life-giving energy here on earth. Astrologically it represents our individual, primary consciousness. The Sun will not return to this part of the zodiac for another year. As we get ready for a transition this is our last chance for a while to learn these lessons well.

There are a few aspects occurring over the coming days that are due to be rather significant in shaping the coming phase of our journey. On Saturday Feb. 18, 2012 at 11:02 AM EST the Sun forms a trine to Saturn (retrograde) in Libra, will oppose Transpluto in Leo and then goes Void for a few hours before it changes signs and enters Pisces on Feb. 19, 2012, 1:17 AM EST.

The question we can ask as we move through the coming days is — have we learned to be team-players without losing our individuality? Do we play fair, and stand confidently in our own light? Or do we feel over-shadowed or criticized by others, insecure of who we are? And how do we balance differing opinions, peacefully? The upcoming trine to Saturn offers a kind of stabilization in this respect. Trines are considered easy aspects but with a little added awareness and effort, we can get the most out of them.

The aspect to Saturn seems to suggest there is potential to clear off unfinished business, renegotiate relationships and stabilize a situation so it works for the whole. Which are the relationships that offer you space to be yourself, while still being supportive of you. And are you able to do the same for yourself and others?

Shortly after its trine to Saturn, the Sun opposes Transpluto in Leo — a hypothetical point which according to Lynn Koiner offers potential for ‘learning wholeness and integration in your relationships with other.’ Especially on the Aquarius-Leo axis, this aspect offers an opportunity to come face to face with one’s sense of purpose and individuality, without fear of what others may think. With the Sun in Aquarius, rather than trying to please others or fit in with the crowd, this is about self-acceptance in which there can be true liberation.

After the Sun opposes Transpluto it will be Void for a few hours. A Void Sun often will bring unusual occurrences and events, in Aquarius, it would seem especially more so. This seems like a narrow window of opportunity, which outwardly may appear like one is throwing caution to the wind. But the more one can find individual identity we can trust we are automatically are working towards the best interests of the whole.

Then when the Sun enters Pisces we can enter this next phase of our journey anchored in self-awareness, with a true sense of purpose, allowing us to chart our course, rather than feel adrift or lost at sea with no direction. Once the Sun enters Pisces it will enter a series of conjunctions to planets — Neptune, Pallas, Chiron helping focus a vision that is now emerging.

— Priya Kale, Feb. 15, 2012


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